Revolutionary War Soldiers Buried in Michigan
As with most genealogical or transcribed materials, there are possible errors in spelling or missing soldiers..these names are taken straight from the book Michigan Military Records by: Sue I. Silliman,Genealogical Publish Company Baltimore 1969 some Soldiers have more details then others, and each was submitted by Historical Chapters, decendants of soldiers, Michigan Historical Society/Veteran Affairs, and /or Pensioners of Territorial Michigan Records.

ANNABIL (also Annabell), Ebenezer

Born 1756. Died September 23, 1842; buried at Bridgewater Center, Michigan; grave marked May 1908.
Names of descendants: Grandsons: Mills, Delos, and Mills, Hiram of Bridgewater, Michigan; great-granddaughter: Van Geirson, Ira.

ARMSTRONG, Archibald

Born 1749. Buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Saline Michigan.
Revoluntionary service: A drummer boy in battles of Monmouth, NJ June 28, 1778; Germantown, PA October 4, 1777; Cowpens, SC January 17, 1781; drummed the Death March of Major Andre' and aided in the final salute to victory at the surrender of Cornwallis.

BALDWIN, Nathaniel

Born at Goshen, CT July 20, 1761. Died August 30, 1840. Buried in Rochester, Michigan; grave marked July 1909.
Son of: Baldwin, Nathaniel
Married: Susanah Sherman, niece of Roger Sherman, a "signer". Mrs Baldwin died June 2, 1839 aged 74.
Children: Baldwin, John / Martha M. / Nathaniel A. / Susanna E / Walter / Sherman / and Zimri.
Descendant: Newberry, Mrs. Milo of Oakland County, MI.
Place of Residence prior to Michigan: East Bloomfield, NY
Revoluntionary service: Enlisted in 6th Regiment of CT, under Col. Parsons July 17, 1775 at New London, CT; discharged December 10, 1775.
Came to Michigan 1817; located 2 miles south of Rochester, MI in Oakland County.


Born in Brookfield, MA August 5, 1766. Died December 11, 1857; buried Whig Center Cemetery, Branch County, Michigan (near city of Herricksville).
Children: BALL, Elisha / Polly / Anna / Hannah
Revoluntionary Service: Date of enlistment, June 8, 1782 to the fall of 1783; served continuously. Rank: Private under Capt William Mills and Col. Brooks, 7th Regiment of MA. Date of application for pension: May 6, 1839. Residence at date of application: Eckford, Calhoun County, Michigan. Age at date of application: 72 yrs 9 months.
Residence: In 1840 Eli BALL lived in Clarendon, Calhoun County, MI ; in 1855 Butler, Branch County, MI.
Soldiers description: Age 17; complexion dark; hair dark; occupation farmer; enlistment 3 years.
Descendents: granddaughter: MOORE, Anna, and McDonnald, George (unknown relation) both of Quincy, MI


Buried in the Farmer's Creek Cemetery Lapeer, Michigan


Born in Massachusetts, September 19, 1857. Died in Adrian, Michigan ; graved marked 1911
Children: BARBER, John born June 15, 1792 / Nancy born June 3, 1803 / Selina b September 5, 1807
Revoluntionary Service: Enlisted August 9, 1779; served as Private in Capt Abner Hayard's company 2nd Regiment, commanded by Col. John Baily.
Came to Michigan about 1837; located Adrian, Michigan

BARRON, Jonathan

Born in Reading, MA June 30, 1760. Died December 2, 1834; buried Hillsdale Cemetery, St Clair, Michigan ; grave marked 1904
Son of: BARRON, Timothy
Spouse: MINOR, Thankful
Descendents: William / George / and Liela of St Clair, Michigan relationship unknown.
Revoluntionary service: Enlisted under his father, a captain of the New Hampshire Militia; was present at the Battle of Bennington, VT August 16, 1777.
Places of Residence: Bath, NH and St Clair, Michigan Came to Michigan about 1813. Occupation: farmer

BATES, Caleb

Born in Boston, MA. Died 1845 buried Lakeview Cemetery, Hillsdale, Michigan; grave marked 1912.
Son of: Benjamin Bates and Hulda (Cudworth)
Spouse: Mary Wilbur born July 1, 1767 d 1811 Hillsdale, Michigan.
Children: BATES: Mary born 1787 / Caleb Jr born 1788 / Rebecca born January 21, 1797 / Charlotte born January 21, 1797 / Joshua born June 15, 1795 / Electa born December 8, 1799 / Relief / Lydia / and Edith
Revoluntionary Service: Enlisted July 9, 1780 as a private in Col William Shepard's Regiment. Discharged December 13, 1780. *NOTE*: in letters written by Mrs William Wait, State Regent, it lists Benjamin Bates private in Captain Benjamin Bonnie's Company Col Ezra May's Regiment.
Residence: Hillsdale, Michigan by 1835
Occupation: Farmer.
Death of Caleb Bates listed as killed in accident by train.


Descendant son: Levi Bishop of Novi, Michigan
Michigan resident about 1840.


Born 1763
Children: Blanchard: David / Sophia
Places of Residence: Meredith, NY, White Lake, Michigan, and Farmington, Oakland County, Michigan.
Revoluntionary Service: Name submitted as pensioner in 1840, age: 77 Residence: White Lake Township, Michigan, arrival before 1834.


Major-General, USA. Born in Huntington County, PA July 1768. Died: April 15, 1851 Detroit, Michigan at Elmwood Cemetery.
Son of: Captain John Brady and Mary. John Brady; noted Indian fighter serving 12th PA killed by Indians.
Children: Brady: Sarah / Preston
Places of Residence: Northumberland County, PA; Huntington County, PA; Cumberland County, PA; Detroit, Michigan.
Revoluntionary Service: entered service March 7, 1792 and served in the Western Expedition under General Wayne after the defeat of General St. Clair; September 4, 1792 in the 4th Sub Legion; Lieutnent February 1794; Captain of the 10th Infantry January 8, 1799, resigned in 1800; reappointed 1808 by President Jefferson. Appointed Colonel of the 22nd Infantry July 6, 1812. Distinguished bravery Lundy's Lane, Niagara, Battle of Chippewa. Wounded two times. 1822 made Brevet Brigadier-General. 1835 placed in command of the Department headquarters at Detroit. May 30, 1848 recieved Brevet Rank of Major-General.


Born Long Island, NY 1755. Died June 1846 buried in Horton Cemetery, Atlas Township Genesee County, Michigan ; grave marked 1917
Married: Isabel Rice of Dublin, Ireland who died 1809. Second wife: Lydia Pipps-Harris.
Children: BRITTON Elizabeth / Rebecca & Mary (twins) / Daniel / William / John.
Places of residence: Gettysburg, Adams County, PA and Cayuga County, NY
Revoluntionary Service: Served in Canada 1775-6 in battle of Germantown, PA. October 4, 1777 Private in Captain George Forepaugh's Company 5th Battalion Philadelphia Militia. Battle of Monmouth, NJ June 28, 1778.
Arrival to Michigan 1842 Atlas Township, Gennesse County.
Occupation: Farmer and ironer


Born March 10, 1760. Died April 20, 1858 buried Soldiers Cemetery, Sturgis, Michigan
Married: Sarah born 1771 and died August 26, 1848.
Revoluntionary Service: Navy Emblem on gravestone monument with inscription "A Revoluntionary Soldier".

BURLSON, Benjamin (aka SMITH)

Born 1754.
Revoluntionary Service: enlisted March 1776 in NY, company commanded by Captain Thomas Mitchell under Col VanCourtlandt. Captured by the British and sent to Halifax, VA escaped and re-enlisted. Served on board the "Julius Brustus" under Captain John Brooks, was captured by Bristish and sent aboard the prison ship, "Jersey", at Waalabout and sentenced to 900 lashes for trying to escape; 450 were given. Escaped 1781, and changed his name to Benjamin SMITH to avoid capture. Filed for pension July 21, 1823 age: 69 Burial: Oakland County, Michigan

CADY, Elias

Born in Providence, RI September 7, 1756. Died March 31, 1853; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Holly Township, Oakland County, MI.
Married: Oiver BAKER of Providence, RI who died in Utica, NY 1838.
Children: CADY : Seth B. / Rhoda / Mary / Sarah / Philinda / and Elias.
Son of: Benajar Cady
Residences: Providence, RI ; Utica, NY; Holly, Michigan
Revoluntionary Service: Enlisted Boston, MA served till "the close"
Came to Michigan 1838, lived with son: Seth.

CARR, Caleb

Born October 13, 1762. Died July 18, 1839; burial in Novi Cemetery Novi, Michigan; grave marked 1914.
Children: CARR: Caleb Jr born in VT / Isaac born September 6, 1790 VT / Calvin born VT died Waterford, Michigan / Sarah born June 5, 1800 died February 9, 1837.
Occupation: Methodist exhorter
Revoluntionary Service: enlisted November 2, 1776; served during Indian alarm. Private in Capt Millard's company under Col John Waterman; corporal in Capt Millard's company 1st Division under Col Wakeman.
Came to Michigan: Land records Carr family bought land in Kensington, Michigan in 1836, at which time son, Caleb Jr was a resident. Later, father and sons lived in Novi, Michigan where Isaac Carr owned a tavern, that burned in 1847.
Caleb Jr is also buried in Novi Cemetery. In 1839 he served as postmaster, inspector of elections, supervisor, and Justice of the Peace. He built first frame house in that township in 1842. Ran first blacksmith shop, first wheat and corn mill.


Born 1760. Died February 20, 1827; buried Oak Hill Cemetery, Pontiac, Michigan ; graved marked 1909
Married: Sarah, who eied August 14, 1814 in Gorham, NY.
Children: Chamberlain Joshua Jr / Olmstead
Places of Residence: Lewiston, Niagara County, NY
Revoluntionary Service: enlisted April 3, 1777 at Richmond, Berkshire County, MA. Served at private until April 3, 1780 in Capt Jeremiah Miller's company Col Vose Regiment of MA Troops.
Came to Michigan: abt 1820; located at Detroit and later with his sons in Pontiac, Oakland County, MI.


born in Scituate, RI on November 20, 1762. Died September 18, 1838; buried Silver Brooks Cemetery, Niles, Michigan; grave marked 1915
Married: Pamelia Dagget
Children: Chilson unknown born April 1793 died May 3, 1793 / Charlotte born April 2, 1794 / Bingham born January 1797 / Mandala / Charles / Caroline / Laura / and Olive J.
Places of residence: 1778 - Worthington, MA ; 1780 Lanesborough, MA ; 1782 Prividence, RI ; and Vergenes Addison County, VT.
Revoluntionary Service: 1778 to January 1779, private under Lt Ingalls and Col Sprout MA Militia; 1782 2 months service Hopkins Privateer, RI

CLARK (CLARKE), Jeremiah

Born Preston, CT 1760/61 died June 1, 1845; buried Clarkston, Oakland County, Michigan ; grave marked 1908
son of: Jeremiah Clark Sr (Clarke) also served in RW Major in 1777 VT.
Married: Sarah Millington born 1767 died July 17, 1845 married 1780.
Children: Clark (Clarke): Julia / Amasa / Lydia born 1781 died 1845 / Henry / Amos / Jeremiah b 1790 d 1847 / Lucy / Amy b 1794 d 1853 / Susan b 1797 / Hiram / Sarah b 1806 d 1872 / Nelson b 1808 d 1876 / Sidney / and Ebenezer b 1812 d 1868
Places of residence: Shaftsbury, VT; Bath, NJ; Nelson, NY; Onondago County, NY; Clarkston, Michigan
Revolutionary Service: Served under Captain Bigelow Lawrence, enlisted March 2, 1778; discharged May 2, 1778 *NOTE The Vermont revoluntionary rolls record the name Jeremiah Clark on payrolls under Captain Samuel Robertson June 15, to July 10, 1778.*

CLARK, Moses

Born in Lebanon, CT September 24, 1761. Died January 2, 1844 in Alpine, Michigan buried Walker Cemetery Walker Township, Kent County, Michigan ; grave marked 1906
Married: Patty Bill born January 10, 1765 in Lebanon, CT died November 21, 1846 in Alpine, Michigan.
Children: CLARK: Betsey born September 1806 in Radon NC / Charlies / Patty / Sophie / Erastus born November 18, 1803 died February 4, 1880.
Revoluntionary Service: Enlisted May 1777 at age 16 yrs in Lebanon, CT. A fifer for three years under Captain John Hart; discharged May 31, 1780 in Morristown, NY.
Came to Michigan 1842 lived with son: Erastus
Occupation: farmer

COOK, Elijah

Born September 10, 1759. Died June 30, 1839 buried Cook's Prairie Cemetery near Homer, Michigan ; grave marked 1916
son of: Jared and Ruth (Hutchinson) Cook
Married: Charity Lockwood who was born May 21, 1762 and died March 9, 1843. The daughter of: Joseph and Charity (Knapp) Lockwood
Children: Sally b 1784 / Betsy b 1787 / Ephiriam b 1787 / Charity b 1789 / Sabrina b 1791 / Elijah Jr b 1793 / Elisha b 1795 / a son b 1797 / Joseph b 1798 / Jared b 1799 / Sabrina b 1801 / Nancy b 1803 / and Lydia b 1806.
Places of Residence: CT; Stephenson, NY; Veronica, NY; Clarkston, NY; and Homer, Michigan.
Revolutionary Service: Enlisted January 1777 in Preston, CT under Captain Nathaniel Webb Lemuel Clift and Phillips and Col John Durkey. Was at Valley Forge and the Battle of Monmouth, NJ 1778; Stony Point, NY July 16, 1779.
Came to Michigan: 1836 located 3 miles west of Homer, Michigan.


buried in Meade Cemetery Meade, Michigan ; grave marked 1914
Revolutionary Service: Lieutenant in the Levies of 1791; Captain in the Infantry 1792; 4th Sublegion 1792 ; honorable discharge November 1, 1796; also served War of 1812.

CROMBIE, Ebenezer

Grave located in Ann Arbor, Michigan by: Ann Arbor Chapter
Revolutionary Service: Sergeant

CROSS, Jeduthan

Born October 15, 1764. Died 1839 in Adrian, Michigan buried Oakwood Cemetery, Adrian, Michigan; grave marked 1911
son of: Abel Cross
Married: Mehitabel Ellis who died in Adrian, Michigan 1837
Came to Michigan: 1836; located to Adrian


Born November 25, 1760 in Norton, MA . Buried Davis Cemetery Macomb County, MI; grave marked 1904
son of: Elkanah Crossman also served in Revolution
Children: 14 total, only name recorded: Timothy E
Places of residence: Norton, MA ; Victor Ontario County, NY; Washington, Macomb County, Michigan
Revolutionary Service: enlisted January 1, 1776; served 13 months Private under Captain James Perry and Col Paul Sargeant in MA Militia; 6 months Private under Silas Cobb and Col Danforth Keves in MA; March 16, 1778 served 1 year as 4th Sergeant under Captain Philip Traffam and Col John Topham in RI; in Battles of White Plains, NY October 28, 1776 and Trenton, NJ.

CRITTENDEN (Cruttenden), Timothy

Born abt 1746. Died 1842 buried in Oakhill Cemetery near Saline, Michigan; grave marked 1913
Children: Hannah / Jarius 1774 - 1843 / Roda / Julius / a daughter name unk / and Pauline
son of: Hull Crittenden (Cruttenden)
Revoluntionary Service: Timothy and a brother, Stephen went down Lake Champlain, on siege of Quebec.
descendant:: Dr Albert Crittenden of Clifton Springs, NY

CUTLER, Josiah

Buried: Forest Hll Cemetery Ann Arbor, Michigan; grave marked 1909
Service: Listed only as "through the Revoluntion"


Born in Middleborought, MA on September 3, 1764. Died June 3, 1844 buried in Jackson Cemetery Jackson, Michigan
Descendants: a son, Christopher b July 10, 1800 died 5-20-1880. Grandchildren (children of Christopher) Hudda / John G / Theordore / Frances M / Sarah / and Henry Clay. other decendents unknown relation: W.H. Reitzt ; Mrs James Jakway; Mrs Closson; Kathleen Johnson; Beatrice Jakway
Places of Residence: Boston, MA ; Woodstock, VT ; Coldsprings, NY; and Jackson, Michigan
Revoluntionary Service: "from 1780 throught the war"
came to Michigan 1832, with his father and a brother

DeLONG, Francis

Died February 8, 1862 buried Hartford Cemetery Van Buren County, Michigan ; grave marked 1915
Children: eight total - two listed: Silas DeLong of Bangor, Michigan and Mrs Lewis Landon of Hartford, Michigan
Revoluntionary Service: enlisted September 13, 1777
Came to Michigan: 1854 ; located to Hartford Township, Van Buren County, Michigan


born November 13, 1763 died January 26, 1847 buried: Fenton ; grave marked 1915

DRAKE, Elijah

Born near Delaware Water Gap, Northampton, PA July 4, 1759 died April 8, 1848 buried: Royal Oak, Michigan ; grave marked 1900
son of: Samuel Drake
Married: Abigal Stoddard in 1790 at Newton Point. Abigal was the daughter of Thomas Stoddard she died February 20, 1860
Children: Sally born January 11, 1791 / Wealthy born March 4, 1793 / Samuel born August 27, 1795 / Thomas J born April 18, 1797 / Cyrus born December 24, 1805 / Flemon born April 30, 1807 / Edward L born April 30, 1810 / and Morgan born October 18, 1813
Places of Residence: Delaware Water Gap, PA ; Chemung NY ; Scipio NY ; Oakland County, Michigan ; Ann Arbor, Michigan;and Royal Oak, Michigan.
Revolutionary Service: Ann associator May 22, 1775 Northampton County, PA Militia; Lieutenant under Jacob Stroud; a Captain 1776 ; 1778 under Captain Schoonhoven ; 1799 under Col Armstrong of Northampton County, PA
Came to Michigan: 1835 located in Oakland County, Michigan with five sons and their families.
*Note: on pension records, Elijah listed his residence as Lower Smithville, Northampton County, PA*

DuBOIS , Conrad

Revoluntionary Service: Served in Captain Hasbrouck's Company Col John Cantines Registment NY troops 1778
Burial: Lansing, Michigan
son also served in Revolution - Martin DuBois

DuBOIS, Martin

born in New Platz, NY on October 21, 1764 died 1854 buried Fitchburg Cemetery Leslie, Michigan
Ancestor of: Geoffroi du Bois, a companion of Duke William.
Son of: Conrad DuBois
Married Margerite Avery who died the same day as her husband, they are both buried in the same grave
Revoluntionary Service: serviced as a bugler, the shell which he used as his bugle last known with descendant granddaughter: Julia DuBois - Price of Lansing, Michigan; Private under Col Wessenfel's Regiment Ulster County NY 1777
Came to Michigan: age 19 years, located in Bunkerhill Township, Ingham County, Michigan
DUNN, Samuel

Buried Plymouth, Wayne County, Michigan
Places of residence: Newton, NJ ; Wayne County, Michigan
Revolutionary Service: Enlisted December 1775 under Col Maxwell in NJ Militia; 6 monts under Col Butler in 1776 ; 9 months in Captain Spaulding's Compnay in 1778 CT Militia ; in massacre of Wyoming, PA in 1778 ; pension application dated October 2, 1832.

EARLE, Rufus

Buried in Barren Lake Cemetery, near Niles, Michigan ; graved marked 1915
Descendants: Alice E Atwood, of Cassopolis, Michigan ; Albert E. Earl of South Bend, Indiana.
Residence Prior to Michigan: New York
Revoluntionary Service: "served as private"
Came to Michigan 1835 land claim in Niles, MI


Born in Frederickstown, VA in 1760
Died 1839 Buried Riverside Cemetery, Dowagiac, Michigan ; grave marked 1915
Places of Residence: North Carolina , Virginia, and Cass County, Michigan
Came to Michigan: 1834 located to Cass County lived with youngest son, John E. Emmons
Descendant: Mrs. John Tichnor of Dowagiac, Michigan.

EVANS, Edward

Born May 8, 1766 Died December 27, 1853
Buried in Constantine, Michigan; grave marked 1917
Grandchildren: Alonzo, Zilba, Franklin, Mary, and Amelia.
quoted from Obituary in the Constantine Mercury Newspaper dated January 17, 1854 "His youth was spent amidst the stirring events of our revolution. Hen entered the Revoluntionary Army in 1781 at the age of fifteen; was employed for two years in active service. He was honorably discharged with his compatriots at the city of Albany. He entered the ministry in 1789. His first settlement was in the tow n of Enfield, Grafton County NH. He labored with great success. The people selected him four years to come as their representatve in the Legislature. After he retired from the Legislature he received the appointment of Judge of Probate for the same county. He continued to fill this office for a period of 12 years.
At this period of his life, he was led to face the great migration to the West, origination towards Western NY and OH. The last seven years of his life was spent with his children. He removed four years ago to our village. He will be missed from the pulpit, for there he was always found. But none will miss him more than the ministry of our village." Submitted by C.S. Engle, W.M J.R. Price, Secretary
Descendants: grandson: Ziba Evans, great-grandson: Ansel Evans, great-granddaughter: Bertha Mabel Evans.


Born in Caanan, CT October 17, 1764.
Died 1833 Buried on the Fellows Farm near Schoolcraft, Michigan; grave marked 1908
Son of: Abiel and Elizabeth (Roe) Fellows they were wed January 1758. Abiel Sr was born October 19, 1734, the son of Ephriam Fellows
Married: 1st: Anna Andrus (Andress) born April 17, 1767. They married November 12, 1786, she died January 23, 1789. 2nd marriage Catherine Mann born 1773, married Febraruy 17, 1791 and she died August 17, 1803. 3rd Marriage Dorcas Hopkins born 1786
Children 2nd wife Andress, Amanda, Ann, Almira, Abiel, and Asahel. Children 3rd wife: Katherine, Thomas, James, Simon, Thmothy, John, Caroline, Emma, Sarah, Orville, Milo, Elizabeth, and Lucy
Places of Residence: Luzern County, PA ; Schoolcraft, Kalamazoo County, Michigan
Revoluntionary Service: fought in the Battle of Freeman's Farm, NY September 19, 1777 and at Saratoga, NY in 1777.
Came to Michigan: 1829, located to Schoolcraft, Michigan

Contributed by Linda Ball