Old Nankin Township
(currently the areas of Wayne, Westland, Inkster, and Garden City)

Land Owners in 1876 of Old Nankin Township
Some portions of the Old Nankin Township Map are unreadable

?. Armstrong approx 160 acres
J. Stark approx 40 acres
W. Smith approx 25 acres
E. J. Norris approx 20 acres
G. Brown approx 30 acres
J. Granger approx 10 acres
J.Smith approx 10 acres
E.J. Norris approx 61 acres
J. Smith approx 50 acres
J. Norris approx 81 acres
William Devinnys approx 183 acres
C. G. Brown approx 65 acres
Unknown approx 15 acres
F. Stoneburger approx 41 acres
H. Jesse approx 36 acres
Unknow approx 14 acres
H. Dean approx 81 acres
W.D. Dean approx 70 acres
J.S. Unknown approx 5 acres
E.E. Osband approx 60 acres
O.D. Chapman approx 30 acres
T.W. Slore (or Store) approx 8 acres
C. Perikins approx 56 acres
W.C.H. (can read initials only) approx 5 acres
G.M. Barnes approx 30 acres
H. McKee approx 50 acres
B.J. Rhead approx 56 acres
B. Badgley approx 50 acres
?. Montague approx 30 acres
R.O. Rhead approx 25 acres

G. Bunyean approx 10 acres
J.. Huntley approx 45 acres
Unknown unknown acres
C.J. Morgan approx 83 acres
H.B.R. (initials only) unknown acres
H. Dow approx 25 acres
J. & E. Herr approx 80 acres
W.E. Smith approx 30 acres
J.S. (initials only approx 10 acres
John Baird approx 80 acres
G. Brown approx 80 acres
Unknown Unknown acres
Uknown unknown acres
J.R. Howard approx 30 acres
A. Patchen approx 480 acres
F. Feham (poss Peham) approx 60 acres
T. Hurd approx 30 acres
C. Clark approx 44 acres
J. Hering approx 438 acres
J. Burnett approx 300 acres
J. Bunyea approx 160 acres
R.O. Rhead approx 40 acres
Mrs. Huntley approx 25 acres
C. Wilbert approx 25 acres
T. Daniels approx 20 acres
M. Cummins approx 20 acres
C. Perkins approx 20 acres
L. Andexander approx 60 acres
J. McDonald approx 40 acres
Unknown approx 40 acres
J. Furlong approx 40 acres
J. Showers approx 40 acres
J. R. Rhead approx 80 acres
A. Greenman approx 80 acres
J.F. Cools approx 20 acres
J. Rhead approx 15 acres
F. Monnich approx 40 acres
J. Griswell approx 40 acres
John Hix approx 40 acres
H. L. Rhead approx 60 acres
E.C. Burd approx 30 acres
M. Morgan approx 40 acres
H. Malden approx 10 acres
McKEGG approx 70 acres
F. & C. Rhead approx 80 acres
E. Turner approx 80 acres
?. Brown approx 75 acres
A. Warner approx 40 acres
O.M. Locke approx 38 acres
G. McDowell approx 15 acres
? Tortelette approx 47 acres
Joseph Tuck approx 80 acres
J.J. Rhead approx 80 acres
John Hix approx 40 acres
W.C. Cining approx 20 acres
A. Thompson approx 48 acres
A.N. Curtis approx 80 acres
A.N. Curtis approx 40 acres
?. D. Thomspson approx 10 acres
D. Pratt approx 40 acres
?. Shoemaker approx 40 acres
A.V. Kinney approx 10 acres
C. Cady appros 50 acres
William Lasslett approx 40 acres
S.? ??augen approx 20 acres
D. Pratt approx 20 acres
H. Sugars approx 40 acres
A. Sackett approx 20 acres
J. Proctor approx 80 acres
E.D. Adams approx 40 acres
J. Enderh?? approx 20 acres
J.A. Lever approx 20 acres
D. Thompson approx 40 acres
Ste. Chase approx 40 acres
E. Hartzel approx 40 acres
C. Cady approx 180 acres
A.V. Kinney approx 10 acres
H. Sugars approx 30 acres
C. Bolt approx 40 acres
W. Felton approx 70 acres
E. Lewis approx 25 acres
H. Lewis approx 35 acres
William A. Pattingill approx 80 acres
W.H. Ballou approx 40 acres
R. Brown approx 20 acres
D.C. Holbrook approx 20 acres
Unknown 10 acres
J. Thompson approx 110 acres
George Gibson approx 80 acres
M. Gibson approx 80 acres
William Cardman(or Gardman) approx 40 acres
? ???et approx 40 acres
Unknown approx 20 acres
Unknown approx 20 acres
Unknown approx 40 acres
C. Kamerer approx 40 acres
Unknown approx 80 acres
W.W. Shaw approx 40 acres
A. Sherwood approx 40 acres
J.J. (unknown) approx 40 acres
William Unknown approx 40 acres
H. Haywood approx 40 acres
These are known land owners from the 1876 Nankin Township Map, as mentioned above, some portions of the map are unreadable. The acreage is approximated as those figures are also in many cases not readable.

Contributed by Linda Ball