Aldrich - Knapp Cemetery
43005 9 Mile Road
Northville Township, Michigan

The Aldrich-Knapp Cemetery was designated as a family burial site for the Aldrich and Knapp Families. It was originally located on Knapp family land, however the actual location now falls outside of Wayne County, on 9 Mile Road. The mailing address used, is still Northville Township, however if you were to look at a map of Wayne County, the dividing line for the county actually falls on 8 Mile Road, almost 1 mile South of the location of this cemetery. Not all burials here are Aldrich or Knapp family members. This is *NOT* complete transcription of the entire cemetery.

Thank You to Marilyn, for data, transcribed by Linda Ball

Aldrich, "in memory of" Isabelle J. "wife" "who fell asleep in Jesus" died July 6, 1884 "aged 74yrs 6mths 19dys"
Aldrich, Ellen M. 1869 - 1948
Aldrich, Charles W. 1851 - 1926
Aldrich, "in memory of" Jesse "who fell asleep in Jesus" died September 10, 1865 "aged 60yrs 5mths 5dys"
Aldrich, Benajah died December 24, 1851 "aged 64yrs"
Aldrich, Willis D. died February 1, 1859 "aged 31yrs 1mth 10dys"
Aldrich, Huldan M. "wife of A. Aldrich" died April 27, 1873 "aged 62yrs"
Aldrich, Sarah "wife of Saviel Aldrich "died June of 1855 "aged 41yrs"
Aldrich, Saviel died February 2, 1866 "aged 25yrs 5mths 18dys"

Arthur, Borridell W. 1883 - 1942
Arthur, Erwin C. 1876 - 1937

Blanchard, Huldah "wife of Samuel Blanchard" died October 10, 1859 "aged 29yr 7mths 2dys"

Bement, Emily C.K. "wife of Norman Bement" died July 9, 1855 "aged 33yrs"

Cook, Duane "Company C 30 Mich Inf" *no other information*

Cromwell 1799 - 1877 *rest of stone worn*

C????i? *stone worn*

Parmenter, Mary Alice 1869 - 1947
Parmenter, Will D. "husband of Mary" 1868 - 1937 | Contact: J. Sherwood Agazio

Contributed by Linda Ball