1937 "Pioneer"

Byron Agricultural School Yearbook

This yearbook was read and transcribed by Shirley Gorman of Owosso, MI. The contents of this file are copyrighted. Portions of it may be copied for personal use but may not be copied for distribution in any form, written, electronic or otherwise by anyone or any other non-profit or for-profit corporations. If you find something helpful here, please take a minute to send a thank you note to Shirley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Board of Education
Oscar F. Barnes
Fred F. Thompson
Clarence A. Wiggins
Len B. Wolfin
Fred W. Schwekert

Mr. Knight
Mr. Hath
Mr. Scott
Mr. MacKay
Miss Sickles
Miss Dykstra
Miss Gilmore
Miss Bremer
Miss Stowell
Miss Mathews

Wilbur Smedly
Mabel Olmstead
Thomas Farmer
Duane Meier
Virginia Hoover
Helen Vandermark
Lillian Tower
Rachel McLaughlin
Carl Telling
Paul Meier
John J. Seaman
Dorothy Braden
Dorothy Wiltse
Richard Bixby

Ted MacKay
Sidney Bohman
Gerald Hath
John Meier
Robert Mecum
Walter Lloyd
Roger Wenk
Duane Gulick
John Telling
Ralph Wolfin
Iva Farmer
Alexa Farmer
Madeline Root
Mildred Hoover
Marion Coon
Marjorie Nimphie
Alice Badgero
Irene Szukhent
Eleanor Meier
Katherine Thompson
Joyce Barnes
Maxine Barnes

Elmer Boillat
Wesley Lloyd
Forest Wiles
Robert Braden
Don Jones
Gerald Hittle
Donald Wenk
Merton Bushong
Edythe Roberts
Margaret Bohman
Alice Mougin
Bette Roberts
Wayne Van Woert
Otto Peckins
Alvin Root
Raymond Frazee
Helen Tower
Gerald Clark
Bertha LaRouche
Carrie Seaman
Jack HooverMarion Henry
Martha Coon
Lucy Gardner

Gilbert Sedlak
Gerald Dibean
Maoulton Lutz
Stewart Spicer
James Lewis
Martin Anderson
Bob Johnston
Robert McLaughlin
Orill Mack
Robert Williams
Francis Jarvis
George BeDen
Robert Clark
Billy Miller
Edwin Pratt
Genevieve Brown
Clara Sanford
Rodamae Pierce
Ardith Newman
Anna Thompson
Ruth Willams

8th grade
Deane Meier
Kenneth Hath
Donald Lahring
Dragon Ivanoff
Alice Bemiss
Rena Wolfin
Bud Campbell
Dorothy Meier
Betty Lee
Genevieve Palmer
Audrey Telling
Margaret Green
Ruth Anderson
Ethel Kozan
George Vince

7th grade
Charles Guernsey
Jack Anderson
Walter Montee
Earl Falkerson
Robert Scott
James Kelly
Elving Bohman
David Ash
Virginia Halsal
Phyllis Barnes
Doris Barnes
Edith Anderson
J. Frank Barnes

5th and 6th grade
George Dorrance
Harold Green
Harold Cook
Lester Cook
Delbert Keesler
Melvin Mecum
Donald Badgero
Howard Boillat
Wesley Badgero
Milton Van Wagoner
Robert Lee
Earl Be Den
Harold Guernsey
Earl Guernsey
Raymond Sedlak
Margaret Montee
Marjorie Foster
Betty Smith
Kathleen Wolfin
Betty Bennett
Patricia Meier
Vera Beagle
Donna Miller
Wanda Tower
Jylanda Police
Betty Clymer
Beverly Seaman
Wilda Frazee
Joan Wenk
Arlene Case
June Van Wagoner
Madeline Armstrong

3rd and 4th grade
Bryan Hibbard
Richard Barnes
Lewis Tullar
Robert Westman
Ralph Alden
Buddy Perry
Carl Sabo
Herbert Plummer
Fred Jeroy
Jack Vince
Donald Corey
James Anderson
Howard Dorrance
Harold Sneed
Mildred Hibbard
Onale Lillie
Adena Cook
Elizabeth Beagle
Marjorie Betterly
Maynard Frazee
Shirley Boillat
Nola Campbell
Joan Lucke
Eloise Hath
Marilyn Lott
Helen Thompson
Janice Gallagher
Leon Armstrong
Richard BeDen
Wayne Bemiss
Mary Lou Sneed
Edmund Decker

1st and 2nd grade
Richard Anderson
Victor Guermsey
Robert Corey
Raymond Tower
Leolon Hibbard
Floyd Guernsey
Herman Meyer
Steve Szukhent
Leland VanAlstine
Richard Betterly
Billy Frazee
James Scott
Harold Dorrance
Janice Clifford
Leona Beagle
Donna Jean Wadley
Norma Jean Frazee
Julia Shroeder
Howard Cole
Marilyn BeDen
Robert Decker
Jean Lewis
Sharon Harris
Douglas Decker
Irene Sedlak
Jerry Vince

Transcribed by Shirley Gorman October 2002. Copyright © 2002 - 2003.