Bennington Township
Shiawassee County, Michigan

Land Owners

The Bennington Township 1895 Land Owners was transcribed by Judy Breedlove of Dickinson, TX. The contents of this file may be copied for personal use but may not be copied for distribution in any form, written, electronic or otherwise by anyone or any other non-profit or for-profit corporations. If you find something useful here, please send a thank you note to Judy.

The following persons were land owners in Bennington Township in 1895. The names were extracted from an 1895 Plat map. This plat map was very hard to read and some of the names were unreadable. All others have been transcribed as best possible. These names may include errors in spelling.


Bennington Township, Shiawassee County, Michigan
Township VI North, Range II East

Section 1:

J. Dynes
Bilkens ???
M. Bilkins
C. A. Cooper
J. O. Purdy
J. D. Bartlett
H. Bourk
A. J. Cook
J. Dale

Section 2:

J. Markham
C. Cooper
R. Marsh
F. A. Richardson
O. C. Waugh
F. M. Waugh
E. Gedis
M. D. Grow

Section 3:

 Illegible - whole top half
W. R. Drury
T. J. Hicks
J. M. Hicks
J. Hershey

Section 4:

 S. Kemp
J. Warner
C. Hibbard
Wm. Cline
D. Dutcher
B. H. Taylor
Wm. Lewis

Section 5:

Illegible - top left of quadrant
J. J. Perkins
W. Thorn
Illegible - bottom left of quadrant
S. A. Y????

Section 6:

Entire section illegible

Section 7:

J. Hagers
J. W. Tippin
D. ????
Mrs. J. Tyler
C. P. Cline
J. Evans
R. R. Powers
M. Cavanaugh
W. R. Drury

Section 8:

 A. Matteson
W. R. Drury
W. Drury
C. Hagan
J. Benaught
Geo. Kreiger
J. Walsh

Section 9:

S. Dutcher
W. J. Dutcher
H. S. Dutcher
I. Dutcher
P. Byerley
W. W. Byerly
A. W??????
A. Dutcher
J. Hagan
J. Taylor

Section 10:

J. Briston
Wm. Osmond
C. Cline
G. Thyre
A. Thyre
J. Tuttle
Smith & Welch
H. Farsons
C. King

Section 11:

M. N. Seeley
L. W. Leffingwell
D. Roblin
S. T. Waugh
J. Boyd
Wm. Boyd
A. E. Hartshorn
A. Black Est.

Section 12:

 Wm. Lewis
M. D. Grow
E. A. Hartshorn
A. Black Est.
G. E. Martin
D. Hartshorn
W. G. Wheeler
C. H. H. Payne

Section 13:

 B. B. Hardy
C. H. H. Payne
J. C. ??????
T. Staggle
C. Parks
J. H. Hartwell
G. Brock
P. Parkhurst
C. H. Thomas
H. Hartwell Est.
G. B. Hartwell

Section 14:

 N. Jennett
E. E. Hackett
R. Roat
C. Trumble Est.
B. Hardy
A. J. Armstrong
D. Vanever
A. B. Greenwault
J. T. House
J. Bradley
J. Runches Est.
M. E. House Est.
Wm. Jennings

Section 15:

A. B. VanLiew
H. Goff
C. L. Brewer
B. Day
A. ?????
J. Stimpson
B. W. ?????
J. H. House

Section 16:

E. Breaugh
M. Bailey
O. Claucherty
P. Green
A. B. VanLiew
R. Mahawa
Jno. Powers
H. Pierson
F. Baese

Section 17:

C. Freigle
Wm. Freigle
J. Kline
H. Burns
J. N. Marshall
J. Bringham???
M. Burgess
J. A. Briggs
R. H. Goble

Section 18:

 M. Coe
 R. & R. Powers
G. Ruess
Wm. W. Burgess
T. Coe Sr.
A. W. Lemen???? Est.

Section 19:

I. G. R. Warren
F. Warren
M. Coe
Emma Gobler
C. Mitchell
J. N. Woodbury

Section 20:

I. O. Neill
A. P. String
J. Segrist
F. Burnett
Wm. Black
Joe Taylor
B. Hickey
W. Kemmis
J. Ruess

Section 21:

A. W. Williams
N. Mitchell
B. C. Chittendon
B. Pasco
I. VanDusen
K. Burnett
O. Hutchings
A. Hutchings
A. Dean
S. Pitts
J. H. Polly

Section 22:

J. Kerr
J. A. Chapin
C. J. Stewart
H. Polly
J. L. Mott
J. R. Smith

Section 23:

M. B. McKenzie
S. J. McKenzie
P. Punches
C. J. Sherman
W. M. Jennings
J. S. House
C. J. Shider
H. Merrill
C. W. Sager
J. H. House
H. Olcott

Section 24:

C. H. Thomas
F. Bogun
Wm. Loomis
H. Hartwell
G. M. Hartwell
F. C. Greenman
F. J. George
M. Hickey
Wm. Bachman
G. W. Fox
J. M. Hartwell

Section 25:

 C. W. Gale
C. W. Gibbs
Wm. R. Cole
J. Short

Section 26:

F. H. Bugbee
H. Bugbee
L. Bain
C. W. Sager
M. E. Bugbee
S. B. Bugbee
Wm. Bachman
H. Fisher

Section 27:

S. Pitts
J. A. Chapin
J. B. Raymond
F. Mitchell
P. V. M. Batsford
H. & C. W. Cook

Section 28:

H. Hutchings
N. Mitchell
A. Dean
H. Polly
A. Hutchings
R. & R. Powers
A. Squire
S. Pitts Est.

Section 29:

Illegible - top left quadrant
A. F. Hunt Est.
R. Beardslee
H. Jobes
Wm. Hunt
T. Deseness
V. J. Pease

Section 30:

I. Lewis
J. M. Beardsley
J. Harmon

Section 31:

J. M. Beardsley
P. S. Beardsley
C. Knapp
Rest Illegible

Section 32:

C. Knapp
R. Marsh
A.? Van Sickle
Van Sickle
C. L. Dean
Illegible - Bottom left quadrant
L. M. Clancherty
M. Marsh

Section 33:

C. L. Dean
B. F. Brown
S. Beemis
O. Fulton Est.
E. Pitts
B. & M. Marsh
R. F. Richmond
A. Campbell
T. Hunter
L. J. Whiford
R. G. Morrice

Section 34:

H. & G. W. Cook
F. G. Morrice
I. Merrell
I. Crouse
M. G. Phoenix
H. E. Bentley
F. Miller

Section 35:

C. W. Sager
M. A. Chapman
M. Swarthout
J. Hare
A. Howe
L. Crouse
Wm. P. Horton
F. Miller
Judson Clark
I. & W. Vanever

Section 36:

P. Booth
W. Sawtell
J. McGrath
R. Sawtell
H. Kellogg
J. Stone
H. Gould and P. Blank
E. Buck
L. Kellogg
M. Howard

Transcribed by Judy Breedlove 1999. Copyright © 1999-2001.