Shiawassee Marriage Records Index From 1837

The follow marriages were recorded in Shiawassee County, MI. If you would like additional information, please contact us

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Abbott, Mary married Sweeny, Patrick on 11 Oct 1847
Ackerley, Benjamin F. married Baird, Maliel on 28 Mar 1846
Ackerly, John J. married Vanderhoof, Catherine on 04 Aug 1844
Ackley, Daniel married Seacord, Nancy on 10 Apr 1845
Ackley, Hiram H. married Wallace, Mary on 17 Jul 1842
Ackley, Nancy married Frederick, William on 18 Apr 1847
Adams, Lewis N. married Tyler, Julia R. on 06 Dec 1838
Alden, Leslie married Bedgero, Elmira on 18 Jan 1846
Alexander, Olvie Mavilla married Marvin, Asael R. on 30 Dec 1838
Allen, Alfred[Rev] married Hartwell, Louisa on 21 Aug 1849
Allen, Viletta married Graham, John on 02 Apr 1846
Ament, Edward L. married Hartwell, Eliza Jane on 01 Jan 1844
Ament, Eliza Jane married Blades, Francis A. on 20 Aug 1850
Ament, W. S. married Hammond, Emily on 04 Sep 1848
Avery, Albert married Macumber, Rebecca W. on 08 Jan 1848
Azeltine, Peter married Coy, Maria on 19 Aug 1849


Babcock, Harriet married Burnett, John on 14 Nov 1847
Bachman, George married Purdy, Mary C.[Mrs] on 19 Aug 1849
Badgero, Elial married Keefe, Mary on 02 May 1849
Bagerow, Eliza married George, Oskar on 02 Jan 1843
Baird, Andrew married Vincent, Eunice on 03 Jul 1850
Baird, Lucy Ann married Morton, Thomas S. on 01 Dec 1844
Banks, Isaac M. married Shepard, Dorendo on 25 Nov 1838
Barker, Seth married Harrington, Jane on 26 Jan 1847
Barnes, Sarah married Stewart, Aaron on 12 Mar 1850
Barns, Erastus married Simmons, Jane on 29 Oct 1846
Barns, Ezra D. married Mattoon, Sarah C. on 30 Dec 1846
Barns, Ezra D. married Whitcomb, Mary C. on 09 Sep 1844
Barnum, George W. married Hammond, Julia A. on 11 Feb 1850
Bartlett, James L. married Battaie, Mary C. on 25 Sep 1849
Bascom, Martha M. married Everts, George on 12 Apr 1850
Bayley, Lovisa married Williams, Ralph on 25 Jul 1841
Beach, Irene married Gould, Ebenezer on 02 Dec 1845
Beach, Mary Ann married Martin, Mortimer B. on 18 Feb 1841
Beach, William H. married Richardson, Rhoda on 22 May 1844
Beard, Allen married Thompson, Charlotte on 22 Mar 1847
Beard, Henry married Mills, Jane Ann on 18 Jan 1846
Beard, Jane Ann[Mrs] married Martin, James H. on 02 May 1848
Beardslee, M. L. married Hicks, N. M. on 14 Nov 1849
Beardslee, Margaret married Mills, Charles C. on 19 Jun 1847
Becon, E. M.[Dr] married Wesson, Sarah L.[Mrs] on 12 Apr 1847
Belknap, Chester married Cole, Olive on 22 Jan 1850
Bell, Eliza M. married Goodspeed, Elijah F. on 07 Aug 1848
Bellnap, Chester married Ward, Betsey on 14 Jan 1844
Bennett, Hiram married Klinedod, Caroline on 16 Aug 1846
Bennett, John married Scott, Rachael C. on 06 May 1848
Bentley, Hector E. married Horton, Harriet on 05 Jan 1850
Betts, Lyman married Morgan, Sarah E. on 27 Sep 1848
Bignall, Thomas H. married Dowell, Mary on 01 Jul 1850
Bigsley, Abigail married Cole, Charles on 18 Nov 1849
Billings, Archibald H. married Peirce, Cordelia on 25 Mar 1838
Bishop, Huldah C. married Dumond, Isaac A. on 12 Mar 1848
Bixby, Rachael married Hull, Michael on 29 Jun 1847
Blake, William H. married Chapman, Emily on 18 Mar 1849
Bogus, Isabella married Curtis, Alonzo on 17 Jan 1850
Bradley, Henry H. married Smith, Laura Ann on 02 Oct 1846
Brands, Mary Jane married Doty, Mortimer C. on 20 Feb 1848
Brewster, Elisha married Lemon, Sarah on 16 Oct 1848
Brink, Mary married Lytle, Freeman on 29 Oct 1848
Broas, Williamina married Elliot, Nathan T. on 21 Jan 1850
Bronson, Levi married Seein, Welthy[Mrs] on 09 Sep 1848
Brown, Phebe married Palmer, David on 12 Jan 1850
Buck, Arletta E. married Johnson, Elijah on 25 Dec 1850
Bugbee, Harrison S. married Rice, Amanda on 08 Feb 1840
Bugbee, Lydia married Slocum, John Jr. on 03 Jul 1841
Bugbee, Martha married Morton, Joshua on 15 Nov 1846
Bugbee, Viletta married Harmon, John on 01 Nov 1841
Bugbee, Vilette married Harmon, John on 01 Nov 1841
Burke, Jane Ann married Strobe, Peter Jr. on 21 Jul 1849
Burke, Jonathan married Parshall, Sophia on 17 Dec 1841
Burrett, Mary married Chase, Reil on 25 Jan 1844
Burroughs, Elizabeth married Colfe, Hiram on 27 Sep 1849
Burroughs, Rebecca[Mrs] married Parkill, Eli on 19 Oct 1845
Bush, Eliza married Mcclintick, James on 18 Jun 1843
Butterfield, Edward married Conkrite, Sally on 11 Oct 1837


Card, Achsah married Roberts, Henry on 15 Nov 1849
Card, Harriet married Gillett, Jason C. on 31 Oct 1841
Cargell, Nathan married King, Caroline G. on 10 Jun 1847
Cargill, David married Morris, Mary Jane on 06 Jun 1847
Carmer, Jeptha C. married Smith, Julia Ann on 19 Sep 1850
Carpenter, Esther A. married Rogers, Abner on 09 Oct 1843
Carpenter, Violetta married Randall, Harry on 22 Dec 1839
Carr, Mary married Eddy, Benjamin on 04 Jul 1850
Casper, Ellen married Wood, E. on 06 Apr 1848
Castle, Welman D. married Ferry, Francis A. on 31 Aug 1845
Castler, Peter married Morrison, Betsey on 11 May 1844
Chafee, James E. married Ferry, Lucretia S. on 01 Feb 1850
Chalker, Calvin C. married Cole, Maria on 11 Nov 1843
Chalker, Charles D. married Knap, Caroline on 14 Mar 1849
Chapel, Achsa Maria married Laing, William on 05 Oct 1837
Chapel, Mary M. married Sanford, James on 25 Dec 1838
Chapel, Philander married Kemp, Hannah on 25 May 1845
Chase, Dormun married Williams, Emily on 08 Dec 1838
Childs, Benjamin F. married Hicks, Sarah Esther on 30 Apr 1847
Chipman, Anson B. married Pratt, Mary Ann on 23 Dec 1841
Chittenden, Mary Ann married Wright, Charles on 27 Feb 1848
Claker, Elizabeth married Fowler, Josiah on 16 Feb 1841
Clancherty, Mary E. married Collier, Charles E. on 06 Mar 1849
Clark, Hulda married Kenny, Fernanda C. on 25 Nov 1838
Clark, Lois[Mrs] married Horton, Alanson on 03 Jun 1844
Clark, Sarah M. married Taylor, Robert B. on 06 Sep 1846
Claugherty, Gelina married King, James M. on 20 Sep 1848
Clement, Eliza A. married Sawyer, Jerome R. on 09 May 1846
Clements, Joseph B. married Stevens, Matilda on 18 Apr 1847
Colf, Abner married Punches, Mary Ann on 26 Apr 1846
Colf, Clarissa Jane married Jackson, Joseph on 05 Nov 1844
Colf, Silva married Howard, Jerry on 30 Dec 1838
Collins, George W. married Simpson, Mary on 05 Jan 1848
Comstock, Luther married Whitlock, Betsey on 11 Sep 1845
Conkrite, Isaac T. married Moser, Lucy S. on 24 Jan 1838
Conrad, Justice married Kemp, Lucinda L. on 29 Jan 1843
Convis, David married Simonson, Caroline on 24 Feb 1849
Convis, Emma Maria married G., Joseph A. on 16 Mar 1847
Cook, Chancy married Davis, Mary on 14 Sep 1845
Cook, George married Coss, Elen M. on 25 Oct 1847
Cook, Saxton married Sawyer, Fanny D.[Mrs] on 29 Oct 1845
Copeland, Thankful Y. married Nichols, James on 02 May 1839
Crawford, Martha married Rowland, Henry on 09 Feb 1843
Crooks, Henry married Jackson, Catherine on 19 Apr 1840
Cryderman, William married Niles, Alvira on 07 Oct 1838
Curtis, Elija Jane married Fowler, Freeborn M. on 01 Aug 1845
Curtis, Isaac married Smith, Sarah on 19 Dec 1846
Curtis, James M. married Slocum, Hannah on 26 Jan 1846
Curtis, Joshua E. married Terbury, Sophia Ann on 05 Oct 1848
Curtiss, William W. married Slocum, Eliza on 31 Dec 1849


Davids, Catherine married Owens, Alonzo H. on 21 Apr 1847
Day, Abigail Jane married Divison, Porter on 04 Mar 1847
Day, Synthia married Kinyon, Simon Z. on 15 May 1841
Dewey, John M. married Frink, Nancy on 18 Nov 1847
Dewey, Mary Esther married Hall, Horace on 26 Aug 1845
Dewey, T. D. married Gould, Philena on 10 Apr 1849
Dexter, Lorenzo married Phelps, Sarah M. on 20 Jun 1837
Doty, Mehale A. married Westmore, Delos A. on 17 Mar 1850
Dowson, Mathow married James, Jane on 24 Nov 1838
Dumond, Reuben married Mccarty, Sharlott on 09 Apr 1848
Dunlop, Lovina married Soule, Peter B. on 06 Jan 1850


Eldridge, Lucius married Hall, Sally Ann on 01 Feb 1840
Everetts, Solomon married Reed, Jane on 18 Mar 1847


Falkner, Mary Jane married Stephens, Bimsley Jr. on 19 Jan 1845
Falkner, William married Gulick, Betsey A.[Mrs] on 20 Apr 1844
Findley, Louisa Lomira married Wheeler, David W. on 31 Jul 1842
Findley, Lucy married Rowe, Levi on 13 Jun 1849
Findley, Nancy M. married Seymour, Walter R. on 02 Jul 1837
Flint, Celia A. married Green, Oscar F. on 15 Jul 1849
Flint, Orlando married Roberts, Mary A.[Mrs] on 24 Feb 1847
Fox, George married Hopkins, Betsey on 15 May 1844
Frederick, Mahitable married Thompson, Solomon on 13 Oct 1850


George, Myraette married Reed, Ainsworth on 12 Aug 1840
Gibson, Candice married James, Henry on 01 Jan 1850
Gifford, Elizabeth L. married Layton, Charles D. on 29 Apr 1849
Goodhue, Charles L. married Gould, Maria L. on 21 Jan 1846
Gould, Fidelia married Parkill, George on 19 Oct 1843
Grant, Mary E. married Parmeter, Joseph on 19 May 1849
Graves, Mary Jane married Stevens, Henry on 01 Jan 1850
Green, Jane married Wallace, William on 08 Nov 1848
Green, Norman married Holmes, Sarah on 24 May 1848
Griffis, Alanson married Vanauken, Julia W. on 15 Mar 1848
Griswold, Susan married Hall, Daniel on 22 Feb 1850
Groom, John married Peck, Alvina on 12 Sep 1843


Haggerty, Emily married Wright, Plympton on 28 Oct 1849
Hall, Caroline M. married Stimpson, Charles D. on 09 Aug 1843
Hall, Phebe Ann married Sones, James on 04 May 1846
Hammond, Chauncey married Howard, Clarissa on 02 Sep 1846
Hammond, Ira married Sheldon, Helen Mari on 07 Sep 1849
Hann, Jane married Perry, Merritt on 18 Apr 1849
Harder, Hannah M. married Wright, Edward M. on 04 May 1845
Harder, Jacob married Vaughn, Alcista B. on 28 Nov 1847
Harder, Lucinda Mariah married Shears, Nicholas B. on 06 Oct 1850
Harmon, Angeline married Ward, William on 02 Apr 1843
Harmon, Polly married Ward, Lewis on 10 Oct 1839
Harrington, Milo married Loomis, Sylvia A. on 20 Jul 1847
Harris, Alonzo married Horton, Cornelia on 05 Jul 1847
Hart, Lewis married Seymour, Cordelia on 21 Feb 1841
Hart, Nancy N. married Young, Thomas R. on 21 Feb 1841
Hart, Rosanna married Stout, Spencer W. on 12 Mar 1843
Hartwell, J. H. married Stewart, Sarah A. on 28 Mar 1850
Hayward, Nancy married Silsby, Sidney A. on 24 Jan 1847
Heminway, Mary married Mason, Dennis on 23 Jul 1843
Hicks, Mary E. married Hutchins, Aaron on 18 Jun 1845
Holcomb, Archibald married Pitts, Lovisa on 14 Dec 1848
Holley, Harriet married Huff, Herman on 01 Oct 1848
Holmes, Mary married Westbrook, Joseph on 02 Feb 1843
Hopkins, Edward W. married Wright, Laura Ann on 30 Nov 1848
Howard, Orisa married Innis, John on 21 Apr 1845
Howe, Adelaide married Parkill, C. P.[Dr] on 05 Jan 1848
Howe, Joseph married Miller, Mary[Mrs] on 24 May 1848
Howe, Martha married Parkill, George on 16 Feb 1840
Howe, Norman married Smith, Mary Ann on 26 Jun 1849
Howell, Ezra married Parshall, Mary on 01 Jan 1843
Huff, Aaron married Wyckoff, Phebe on 06 Sep 1848
Huff, James D. married Shattuck, Melissa on 01 Oct 1848
Huggins, Reuben married Swyms, Mary Ann on 23 Jan 1847
Hull, George married Simpson, Susan S. on 10 Dec 1845


Innis, John married Yeats, Margaret H. on 26 Oct 1847
Ireland, Sarah Jane married Retan, John M. on 26 Mar 1843
Irons, Weltha married Swain, John F. on 19 Oct 1837


Jackson, Town married Jones, Charlotte on 16 Mar 1845
Jacobs, Elizabeth married Luther, James M. on 25 Apr 1847
James, Henry married Layton, Mary on 14 May 1847
Jennings, Sarah A. married Lytle, David M. on 06 Mar 1850
Johnson, David Jr. married Reed, Elizabeth on 11 Dec 1842
Johnson, William married Wright, Diantha on 05 Feb 1840
Jonson, Perinelia A. married Mcarty, John on 01 Nov 1841


Kamp, Laura married Laing, Peter on 22 Jun 1844
Kellogg, Levi married Whitford, Lucinda on 19 May 1842
Kellogg, Simon married Whitford, Sally C. on 09 Jul 1845
Kent, Hannah married Webber, Ledran A. on 16 Sep 1849
Kent, William G. married Warner, Prudence on 15 Jul 1847
Kimberk, Jane M. married Purdy, Archibald on 17 Sep 1848
Kimberk, Louisa married Willett, Herbert on 15 Feb 1849


Lamunyon, Huldah married Seacord, Isaac Jr. on 30 Nov 1848
Laring, Harmon married Sulauf, Catharine on 17 Dec 1846
Leach, Nancy C. married Stevens, Alanson B. on 22 Apr 1849
Lemunyon, Calistia married Wright, Alonzo on 16 Apr 1840
Lester, Harrison A. married Readding, Sarah on 16 Nov 1849
Lewis, Almedna married Perry, David on 13 Mar 1843
Lewis, Malissa married Session, Reuben C. on 22 Jul 1838
Locke, Charles married Stevens, Julia Ann on 30 Oct 1847
Lockwood, C. C. married Lyman, Anna S. on 29 May 1849
Loomis, Samantha married Maine, Philander T. on 31 Mar 1844
Lowell, Amanda married Palmer, William on 13 Sep 1849
Lowell, Lucy married Wiltsie, Dean on 15 Oct 1848
Loyons, Robert married Vanwormer, Amanda on 02 Jun 1844
Lyon, Daniel married Lyon, Sarah on 03 Apr 1842
Lytle, Jane A. married Vanakin, Henry J. on 13 May 1849


Maine, Felander T. married Woodhull, Viana on 15 Nov 1838
Maltby, Laura Ann married Schenck, Peter on 22 Feb 1849
March, Moses married Warful, Sarahan on 06 Jun 1850
Marsh, Charles E. married Warful, Catharine on 20 Apr 1849
Marsh, Emma married Pitts, Henry on 28 Mar 1847
Mason, Ezra L. married Whaley, Sarah on 25 Apr 1849
Matoon, Harriet married Williams, Alfred L. on 21 Oct 1841
Mcarthur, Mary Ann married Williams, Oliver T. B. on 15 May 1849
McCausey, David Jr. married Phiney, Lovinia on 24 Sep 1837
Mccollum, Charity married Wolfen, Peter on 26 Oct 1845
Mccollum, James married Tilson, Matilda on 01 Aug 1847
Mccullum, Polly Ann married Wolfin, Peter on 04 Apr 1848
Mckeen, John R. married Moore, Mary A. on 08 Apr 1849
Melvin, Moses M. married Woolfin, Catharine F. on 10 Mar 1839
Merrill, William G. married Sweet, Almira on 31 Dec 1846
Middlesworth, James married Wendell, E. E. on 28 May 1845
Middlesworth, Joseph R. married Wendall, Laura A. on 07 Feb 1848
Miller, David S. married Spears, Adeline on 05 Mar 1850
Miller, Eleanor married Tru, Elisha P. on 23 May 1844
Miller, Eliza H. married Miner, Simon B. on 25 Apr 1848
Miller, Mary Jane married Reed, Abner on 10 Aug 1845
Miller, Phebe married Neff, Harry H. on 09 Jan 1843
Millworth, Abraham married Shiner, Irena on 23 Aug 1838
Miner, Loren married Nestell, Margaret on 30 May 1837
Morrice, Alexander married Waterman, Nancy on 27 Apr 1846
Morton, Dillus married Youngs, Mary on 13 Dec 1850
Moses, Charles M. married Perkins, Eliza M. on 31 Dec 1840
Murry, Rhoda A.[Mrs] married Ward, John on 03 Mar 1844




Padden, Zenas R. married West, Minerva on 14 Jun 1840
Parker, Rachel married Taylor, Jonathan V. on 18 Jun 1848
Parkill, David married Pratt, Cordelia on 02 Mar 1843
Parkill, Emershire married Pollard, James on 17 Sep 1846
Parshall, Terry married Russell, Rebecca on 12 Aug 1847
Parsons, Andrew married Rowe, Elvira on 20 Jan 1839
Parsons, Luke H. married Stewart, Mary Ann on 02 Jun 1844
Perkins, Julia A. married Sidman, John A. on 11 Oct 1849
Petteys, Noah D. married Rathbun, Mary on 24 Apr 1842
Phelps, Eliza married Rogers, Solomon on 05 Mar 1842
Phelps, Melissa married Westcott, Oliver on 27 Feb 1839
Pope, John married West, Mary Ann on 25 Nov 1838
Potter, Rocina married Trumble, Ephraim on 12 Oct 1845
Powers, Lucy[Mrs] married Rathbun, John P. on 01 May 1843
Price, Amanda married Warfles, Jacob on 20 Nov 1843



Randall, Johnathan married Randall, Sarah on 10 Aug 1845
Randall, Maria married Sias, William on 13 Aug 1845
Ratbone, Hannah married Young, Jesse on 01 Jan 1838
Redson, John married Young, Sarah on 21 Dec 1845
Reed, John married Rowell, Sarah on 20 Jan 1847
Reese, Rosannah married Wendell, Joseph H. on 22 Jul 1849
Rideout, Emiline married White, Truman on 28 Mar 1848
Roberts, Renly Mrs. married Whitford, Jesse on 03 Jan 1847
Rush, Laura Jane married Stimpson, Cahrles D. on 04 Oct 1849
Rutan, John married Smedly, Harriet on 27 Dec 1841


Sawtell, Sarah E. married Yerkes, Joseph on 14 Mar 1848
Seacord, Isaac married Vanderhoof, Polly on 12 Jan 1845
Seymour, Philinda Jane married Smith, William on 24 Aug 1844
Shaft, Elizabeth A. married Treadway, Johnson on 13 Sep 1848
Sheldon, Minerva married Strobe, Peter on 29 Jul 1850
Sherwood, David married Wellmen, Cintha on 16 Oct 1838
Sloat, Mary A. married Tyler, H. G. on 09 Jun 1850
Smith, Allen married Very, Elizabeth on 11 Feb 1839
Smith, Loren married Woodhull, Elizabeth V. on 20 Nov 1850
Smith, Robert married Starkes, Polly on 29 Apr 1842
Spaulding, David married Woolfin, Lata on 07 Apr 1839
Spear, Lucinda E. married Wright, Lester on 10 Aug 1843
Starks, Anna[Mrs] married Thornber, John on 05 Jul 1845
Stewart, Lucy married Terraberry, Charles on 13 Aug 1839
Swartwout, Ralph married Tyler, Catherine H. on 22 Mar 1849




Vanwormer, Daniel married Vanwormer, Gerusha on 28 Jan 1841


Williams, Charles married Yerkes, Lydia on 26 Feb 1843