This township was organized out of Frenchtown by and enactment of the legislature in 1837 and comprised all that part of Frenchtown which now forms the townships of Ash and Berlin. The soil is productive and its farms are well tilled, while its grazing lands have affored opportunities for rasing of cattle and sustaining dairies. In the spring of 1837 the first township election was held at the house of John M. Beaubien, the records of the result of this election are not at hand, nor any up to the year 1842, when Gideon Thomas ws chosen supervisor, Leonard Stoddard assessor; in 1843 Isaac Assyltine was elected; in 1844, Cyrus Post; from 1845 to 1850, Alexander M. Arzeno represented the township as its supervisor. Since which time data is not to be obtained.

Taken from:
"History of Monroe County Michigan", by John McCelland Bulkley.
Published by The Lewis Publishing Companyi, Chicago / New York, 1913.
Page 484 - 485.