The county of Genesee as laid out by the act of 1835 embraced all of its present area except the eastern range of townships, which then belonged to Lapeer. The oldest township in the county is Grand Blanc, organized March 9, 1833- It was larger than now, including its present area and all of the present townships of Fenton, Mundy, Flint, Mount Morris, Genesee, Burton, Atlas and Davison. The second township was Flint, erected March 2, i836. It, too, was larger than now, embracing not only its present area and that of the city of Flint, but also the present townships of Burton, Clayton, Flushing, Mount Morris, Genesee, Thetford Vienna and Montrose, .Argentine was organized July 26, 1836, which included the township of Fenton besides its present area. On March 11, 1837, was organized the township of Mundy, which then included also the present township of Gaines. By the same act Vienna was organized from the northern part of Flint, to include also the lands now in Montrose and Thetford. Thus, in 1837, all of Genesee county was included in five townships,- Grand Blanc, Flint, Argentine, Mundy and Vienna the latter having been added only a few weeks after the state was admitted to the Union. The remaining townships of the county were organized in the following order:
1838, March 6, Genesee, Fenton and Flushing.
1839, April 19, Kearsley, covering territory absorbed later by Genesee and Burton.
1842, February 16, Thetford and Gaines.
1843, March 9, Forest, Richfield, Davison and Atlas were added from Lapeer County.
1846, March 25, Clayton and Montrose; the latter was first called "Pewanagawink;" changed to "Montrose" by act of January 15, 1848.
1855, February 12, Mount Morris.


1916 Genesee County Township Map