Origin of Street Names - Detroit

The following list contains Early (streets originally surveyed and laid out in the early-mid 1800's) Street names from Detroit, their origin, and the year the name first appeared in any record, map, or directory. (Streets no longer in existence are marked with an asterick *).

Adair; named for William Adair nurseryman and landowner; 1862.
*Apple Pie; named due to how short of a length, "not bigger than a piece of apple pie." ; 1860.
Abbott; named for James Abbott, Detroit citizen and 3rd Postmaster of Detroit; 1835 ; later changed to Amherst, March 19, 1887.
Atwater; name for Reuben Attwater, Secretary of Michigan Territory; 1828.
*Alexander; named for Alexander Fraser, landowner; 1857 ; changed to Wight on July 9, 1867.
Alexander; named for Alexander Stanton, son of General Henry Stanton; 1852 (Stanton Farm); later changed to Newark June 3, 1885.
Alexandrine Ave; named for Alexandrine M. Willis the wife of B. Campau, land owner; 1863.
Antietam; named from the battle of Antietam in the Civil War; 1867.
Alfred; named for son of E.A. Brush; 1869.
Alfred (in Springwells); named for second son of Moses W. Field; 1883
Adelaide; named for wife of Elijah Brush; 1853.
*Adams; named for T.K. Adams; landowner; 1875, later changed to Buchanan March 19, 1887.
Adams Ave; named for John Adams, second President of the United States; 1807.
*Arch; named for Arch McLean; 1852, later changed to Bagg April 29, 1882.
*Ann; named for wife of F.J.B. Crane, landowner; 1853, later changed to Pitcher March 19, 1887.
Ash; named from a tree indigenous to Michigan; 1856.
Audrain; named from Peter Audrain, Secretary of Governor and Judges Territorial Legislature and Clerk of Courts; 1873
Albert (in Springwells); named for Albert Bushey, son of Joseph Bushey, landowner; 1871
Albert (in Springwells); named for Albert M. Bartholomew, land owner; 1884
Aurelia; named for Aurelia Cutler of Warren, MA, friend of W.B. Wesson; 1857.
Amsterdam; named after city in Holland; 1870
Antoinette Ave; named for Antoinette Mandlebaum, wife of S. Mandlebaum ; 1870.
Army Ave; named in honor of soldiers at Fort Wayne; 1874.
Arndt; named for Henry Arndt, land owner; 1881
Archer Ave; friend of Mrs. J.C. Williams; 1883.
Atkinson Ave; named for W.F. Atkinson, of Detroit; 1883
Arthur Ave; named after President Chester A. Arthur 1884.
Anthon; named for early Detroit physician, Dr. George C. Anthon; 1887.
Anderson; named after friend of James Nall; 1886.
Andrus Ave; named after F.D. Andrus, landowner; 1886
Aberle; named after Elias Aberle, land owner; 1885.
Agnes Ave; named after youngest daughter of Moses W. Field; 1884
Annexation; named after located territory annexed to city the previous year; 1887.
Amherst; named for Jeffery Amherst, first English Governor of Canada; 1887.

Beaubien, named for Lambert Beaubien, land owner and soldier of War of 1812; 1835.
Burford; named after the city Burford in Canada, the native city of James Nall; 1886.
Bostwick; named after James Bostwick, land owner; 1886.
Biddle (Detroit-Wyandotte); named after John Biddle, first delegate to Congress from Michigan; 1887
*Brigade; named for the "brigade" of streets with military names near Fort Wayne; 1873 later changed to McMillan Street March 19, 1887.
Boston; named for the City of Boston in MA; 1870.
Bohemian Ave; named after Bohemia in Germany, birthplace of S. Mandlebaum; 1870.
Butler Ave; named for Milton H. Butler, land owner; 1873
Butternut, a tree indigenous to Michigan; 1856.
Beech; a forest tree of Michigan; 1836.
Beech (in Springwells; named for the same forest tree type; 1884.
*Beecher; named for Henry Ward Beecher; 1857 later changed to Hudson Ave March 19, 1887.
Bryant; named for the aunt of W.B. Wesson; 1857.
Beulah; named for the Land of Beulah in "Pilgrim's Progress"; 1857.
Buchanan; named for President James Buchanan; 1856.
Breckenridge, named for Vice President John C. Breckenridge; 1856.
Bushey; named for Joseph Bushey, land owner; 1868.
Brigham; the middle name of W. B. Wesson; 1852.
Beck; named for Charles G. Beck, landowner; 1876.
*Buena Vista; an American victory at Buena Vista, Mexico in 1847; 1857 later changed to Noble March 19, 1887.
Brainard, named for Martha Brainard-Spencer, the wife of General Joseph Spencer and grandmother of Mrs. Lewis Cass; 1866
*Blanche; named for the daughter of R.S. Willis; 1871, later changed to Rowena July 6, 1878.
Brady; named for General Hugh Brady, United State Army, stationed in Detroit; 1857.
Brush; named for E.A. Brush, of Brush Farm; 1828.
*Brush Ave (in Springwells); named for E.A. Brush of Brush Farm; 1873 later changed to Campbell Ave March 19, 1887.
Benton, named for statesman, Thomas H. Benton of Missouri; 1854.
Brewster, named for Mr. Brewster, friend of Albert Crane; 1850.
*Bidwell, named for Bidwell Edwards, friend of P. Tregent; 1854 later changed to St. Joseph June 3, 1885.
Bellair, named for Oliver Bellair, landowner; 1854.
Berlin, named for Berlin, Germany; 1869.
Berlin Ave (in Springwells); named for Frederick Berlin, land owner; 1873 later changed to Wesson Ave, March 19, 1887.
Barkume, named for Eli Barkume, landowner ; 1873.
Bagg; named for A. S. Bagg, land owner; 1854.
Bethune; maiden name of Mrs. George Duffield, DD; 1881.
Baldwin Place; named for H.P. Baldwin, previous Governor of Michigan; 1876.
Baldwin (in Hamtramck); named for Lyman Baldwin, father in law of W. B. Wesson; 1855.
Baldwin Ave (in Springwells): named for Com. Baldwin of NY, friend of Deming Jarves; 1881.
*Bronson; maiden name of the mother of F.J.B, Walter, & Albert Crane; 1850 later changed to Adelaide May 3, 1887.
*Buhl Ave; named for C.H. Buhl, landowner; 1867 later changed to McKinstry Ave March 19, 1887.
Brevoort Place; named for Major H.B. Brevoort; 1869, later changed to Twenty-second July 9, 1867.
Bristol Place; named for Charles L. Bristol; 1869
Baker; named for Colonel Daniel Baker, USA stationed at Detroit; 1835.
Beacon; named by Albert Crane from a street in Boston where he attended college.
Beard Ave, named for George Beard, landowner; 1867.
Bates; named for Frederick Bates, one of the first Territorial Judges; 1831.
Berthelet Alley; named for Henry Berthelet, land owner; 1835.
Beaufait, named for Louis Beaufait, old resident; 1872.
Bratshaw, named for J.B.H. Bratshaw, landowner ; 1882, later changed to Palmer Ave; December 31, 1881
Bellevue Ave; named for the "view of Belle Island"; 1868
Belle Isle Ave; named after the island lying opposite the street; 1868.
Barclay Place; named for William Barclay, land owner; 1876
Brandon Ave; named for Calvin C. Brandon; 1882
Boone; named for Kentucky Pioneer; 1884.

Concord Ave; named for the Revoluntionary battle; 1877.
Congress; named in honor of the 1826 Congress which gave the Military Reserve this piece of land; 1827, portion West of Lover's Lane was changed to Anthon, March 19, 1887.
Clark Ave; named for John P. Clark, landowner; 1867
Cross; short for cross-street; 1835.
Clinton; named for New York Governor, De Witt Clinton; 1835, changed to Clinton Ave, March 19, 1887
Croghan; named for Colonel George Croghan, one time commander in Detroit; 1835.
Catharine; named for Catharine Mullett, the daughter of John Mullett; 1835.
Crawford; named for real estate dealer, Francis Crawford; 1852.
Campau (in Springwells); named for J.B. Campau, landowner; 1863, later changed to McDougall Ave, June 18, 1870.
Campau Road; named for Emily Campau, land owner; 1874, later changed to Trombley March 19, 1887.
Chase; named for Thomas Chase, landowner; 1860
*Chase; recorded in error as Chase intended to be Crane Street; 1871 later changed to Bratshaw, April 29, 1882.
Cherry (GrossePointe); named for the quality and quantity of cherries grown here; 1836, later changed to Bronson, July 9, 1867.
Carter Ave; named for David Carter; landowner; 1875
Coe; named for S.S. Coe, landowner; 1876
Columbia; named by John R. Williams after a street in Albany, NY, where he lived; 1835.
Columbus; named for Christopher Columbus; 1873
*Clay; named for Kentucky statesman, Henry Clay; 1852, later changed to Adelaide March 19, 1887
Central Ave; named as it runs through the center of a land tract; 1873.
Center; named from its location between two main avenues; 1835.
Calhoun; named for South Carolina nullifer and statesman, John C. Calhoun; 1854
CharlotteCharlotte Hart Saxton, wife of Colonel E.S. Sibley; 1854
*Charlotte (in 10th Ward); named for Charlotte Palmer, the niece of Thomas Palmer; 1867, later changed to Witherell July 9, 1867
Canfield Street; named for son-in-law of General Lewis Cass, Colonel Canfield; 1867, later changed to Bagg July 9, 1867 *and* the portion West of Grand River Ave was changed to Perry June 3, 1885.
Charles, ; named after the brother of F.J. B. Crane, landowner; 1853
*Charles Ave; named after Charles A. Campau, son of M.A. Campau; 1882, later changed to Minnie, March 19, 1887
Chene; named for Gabriel Chene, landowner; 1857
Collins; named for William Collins, landowner and butcher; 1860.
Commonwealth Ave; in honor of the city as a political body in the reign of Oliver Cromwell; 1876
*Cutler; the middle name of W.B. Wesson's oldest brother; 1852, later changed to Alexandrine Ave , June 3, 1885
Cicotte Ave; named for E.V. Cicotte, landowner; 1873
Chandler; named for United States Senator from Michigan, Z. Chandler; 1881
Caroline, named for Caroline Cutler, a friend of W.B. Wesson; 1857
Clippert Ave; named for Conrad Clippert; landowner; 1873
*Campbell; named for Colin Campbell, land owner; 1868, changed to Selden Ave , April 24, 1882
Campbell Ave (in Springwells); named for Judge James V. Campbell, Surpeme Court of the State; 1880
Connor Place; named for Maurice Connor, land owner; 1881
Cass Ave; named for Governor Lewis Cass , second Governor of Michigan Territory; 1827
Christiancy, ; named for I.P. Christiancy, Judge of Supreme Court of Michigan; 1881
*Clitz; named for the sister of General Henry B. Clitz, Mary; 1857, later changed to Hancock Ave, March 19, 1887.
Celia; the given name of Mrs. W.B. Wesson's sister, 1857
*Circus; it location passing the "Grand Circus Park"; 1844, later changed to Williams, July 9, 1867 and portion West was changed to Park; July 9, 1867
*Chicago Road; the original name for the road which laid out by the government from Detroit to Chicago; 1827, later changed to Michigan Ave, July 9, 1867.
*Cemetery ( the 6th Ward); laid out through a portion of the "Old Cemetery"; 1864, later changed to High, July 9, 1867.
Cadillac Ave (Hamtramck); named for Founder of Detroit, Antoine de la Mothe Cadillac; 1876, later changed to Visgar March 19, 1887.
Cavalry Ave; named in honor of the soldiers of Fort Wayne; 1873.
Crystal Street; named because of the glass factory that was located on this street; 1882
Craven Ave; the maiden name of Mrs. John C. Williams; 1883
Custer; in honor of General G.A. Custer; 1883
Charles J.; named in honor of Charles E. Jenkins, resident of Detroit; 1883.
Crane Ave; named for Albert Crane; land owner; 1866
Church; named for the lot which it runs passing St Peter's Episcopal Church; 1858
Clifford; named for Thomas Cliff, tavern owner, and friend of John Farmer; 1835
*Cedar; from Cedar Street in New York; 1862, later changed to Willis Ave, March 19, 1887
Cedar (in Springwells); no noted significance; 1884
Chestnut; a favorite tree, but not numerous in Michigan; 1836, later changed to Canfield, July 9, 1867
Cameron Ave; named for Alexander Cameron, land owner of Windsor; 1885
Charrest; named for Eugene Charrest, land owner; 1886.
Canniff; named for an earler settler; 1886.
Castleton; named after the city Castleton in England, where James Nall was born; 1886
Champlain; the first white man to the Region of the Lakes; 1887
Celeron; named for Pierre de Celeron, a commandant of Detroit; 1887
Chipman; named for Henry Chipman, Territorial Judge
Cleveland; President of the United States this year; 1885
Cortland; named after a street in New York; 1886
Charlevoix; named for a Jesuit traveler and explorer here in 1721; 1885.
Cardonia Ave; named for F.A. Cardoni, land owner; 1885
Comstock; associate of John Nall; 1886
Chope; named for Edward Chope, land owner; 1887
Colby Ave; maiden name fo Mrs Nelson Green, landowner; 1885

Dragoon; a military unit; 1876
*Detroit; named for the City itself; 1852, later changed to Calhoun, June 3, 1885
*Dred; named for the Dred Scott Case; 1857, later changed to McGraw Ave March 19, 1887
Deveraux; named for John C. Deveraux, an associate of the Williams family; 1876
Dennis; named for Dennis Campau, landowner; 1873
Dubois; named for James Dubois, land owner; 1857
Dix Road (run through Allen Park); named for John Dix; one of the earliest settlers of the county; 1842, later changed to Dix Ave, March 19, 1887
Davenport; named for Louis Davenport, land owner; 1869
Dalzell; named for Captain Henry Dalzell or Dalyell, killed in the Battle of Bloody Run in 1763; 1855, portion west of 23rd was changed to Toledo Ave, March 19, 1887.
Duffield; named for Rev George Duffield, land owner; 1853
Division; on land survey lines of Crane, Wesson, and Van Dyke; 1850
Driggs, named for F.E. Driggs, land owner; 1881
Davis Ave; named for Ira Davis, land owner; 1875
Dry Dock; named from the old "Dry Dock" near by; 1875.
Dearborn Road; the road leading to the village of Dearborn; 1828
Dequindre; named for Major Antoine Dequindre; land owner and veteran War of 1812; 1850.
*Dickinson; named for Moses F. Dickinson, land owner; 1857, later changed to Canfield Ave, March 19, 1887
*Dudley; named for Dudley B. Woodbridge, land owner; 1857, later changed to Tenth July 9, 1867.
Davidson; named for old Detroit citizen, Alexander Davidson; 1857, later changed to Antietam, July 9, 1867.
Dey Ave; named for A.H. Dey, banker and land owner; 1881
Danforth; named for Judge Danforth, of Vermont, the father in law of John B. Corliss; 1886.
Denton, named for James Denton, landowner; 1886.
*Doyle; named for Michael Doyle, landowner; 1882, later changed to Horatio, March 19, 1887
Dane; in honor of Nathan Dane, author of the Ordinance of 1787; 1884.

Elisabeth; (in Springwells); named for the wife of Joseph Bushey, Elisabeth; 1868, later changed to Vigo March 19, 1887.
Evaline; named for the first child of Eugene Charrest, land owner; 1886.
Edwin; named after a son of James Nall; 1886
*E.L. Campau; named for Eleanor L. Campau, landowner; 1872, later changed to Hunt, June 3, 1885.
Ellery; named for Ellery I. Garfield, city controller; 1876.
Elliot; named for the son of E.A. Brush, Elliot H. Brush; 1871.
Erskine; named after John Askin, originally spelled Erskine, father in law of Colonel E. Brush; 1867.
Edmund Place; named for son of E.A. Brush, Edmund Brush; 1867.
Elmwood Ave; named after the cemetery of the same name; 1862.
Elwood; named for S.D. Elwood; old Detroit citizen; 1873.
Elm; named for the elm tree; 1860, later changed to Marion; July 9, 1867.
Edward; named for Edward V. Cicotte, land owner; 1873.
*Edwards; named for Bidwell Edwards, 1854, later changed to Rowena, March 19, 1887.
Endicott Ave; named for Charles Endicott of Newcomb, Endicott & Company; 1874, later changed to Medbury Ave, March 19, 1887.
*Earl; (6th Ward); named for A. Earl Hathon; land surveyor; 1838, later changed to High , October 1, 1866.
Excelsior; deemed taken from the word excellent; 1883

Fort W; from Fort Shelby; 1827
Fort E; in line with Fort W; 1835
*Flora; given name of the niece of John R. Williams; 1877, later changed to Buchanan March 19, 1887.
First; 1835
Frederick; named for the sone of L.L. Farnsworth, Frederick Farnsworth; 1857.
Fremont; named for Presidential candidate in 1856 John C. Fremont; 1857, later changed to Canfield Ave August 23, 1882
Forest; named for the saying, "Forest of primeval" ; 1869
Ferry; named for seed-merchant, Dextre M. Ferry; 1874
*Francis; (10th Ward) named for Francis Trask, the friend of Mrs. Thomas Palmer; 1857, later changed to Federal July 9, 1867
*Frances; given anem of the sister of Mrs. W.B. Wesson; 1861
Francis (on Stanton Farm); given name of the son of General Henry Stanton; 1852, later changed to Griffin March 19, 1887
Fox; named for red fox which were plentiful in this region; 1857
Frontenac; named for Count Frontenac, Governor-General of New France; 1872
Foundry; the road leads to the foundry of the Detroit Bridge and Iron Works; 1857
*Fraser; (on Guoin Farm); named for A.D. Fraser, land owner; 1857, later changed to Chestnut, July 9, 1867.
Florence; named after Florence Patterson, the daughter of George Patterson; 1882
Field; named for Moses W. Field, land owner; 1883
Frank; named for Frank Mann; 1857
*Federal; named for political party name; 1872, later changed to Leland, June 3, 1885
*Fulton; named from Fulton Street in New York; 1853, later changed to Brainard, March 19, 1887
*Father; 1872, later changed to Hendricks; June 3, 1885
Ferdinand; named for Ferdinand Williams, son of John R. Williams; 1874
Field; named for Moses W. Field, prominent citizen; 1880, later changed to Kercheval May 3, 1887
*Fabbri; named for a friend of land owner, C.E. Bressler, Mr Fabbri of New York; 1857, later changed to Dix Ave, March 19, 1887
Farmer; named after John Farmer, author of first published maps of Territory, State, and City and of the first Gazetteer; 1835.
Farrar; named for John Farrar; prominet citizen; 1835, a portion later changed to Barclay Place September 7, 1876.
Front; location is considered in front of the river; 1836.
Franklin; named for Benjamin Franklin; 1826.
Fordyce; named for land owner, T.N. Fordyce; 1886
Forsyth; a road located on the Forsyth farm; 1885.

Grant; named for General U.S. Grant, stationed 2 years in Detroit; 1873
Grout; named for J.R. Grout, old citizen and land owner; 1881
Guoin; named for Charles Guoin, of the Guoin Farm; 1835.
Griswold; named by Geovernor Woodbridge, in honor of Governor Roger Griswold of Connecticut; 1828.
Gratiot Ave; the road leading from Fort Gratiot, near Port Huron, in honor of Charles Gratiot; 1835.
*German; road passing through the German portion of town; 1848, later changed to Waterloo, June 3, 1885
*Grand; from Grand Street in New York; 1855, later changed to Alexandrine Ave; June 3, 1885
Gregory Ave; maiden name of Mrs. Deming Jarves; 1881
Grand River; road originally laid out led to Grand Rapids on Grand River; 1835 portion east of Woodward Ave changed to Wilcox March 19, 1887.
Grandy Ave; named for land owner, Livi Grandy; 1874
*Grand Junction; location near the Grand Trunk Rail Road Junction; 1874, late changed to Junction Ave; March 19, 1887.
*Grove; a grove that was located here, before the road was laid; 1855, later changed to Elliot March 19, 1887
Granville Place; extends to Grand River; 1873
Gilbert Ave; name for George W. Gilbert; prominent citizen; 1873
Gold; named from Gold Street in New York; 1855
*George; named for George V.N. Lothrop and George Duffield, who united in opening of this street; 1850, later changed to High, November 21, 1874
George; named for George Zender, the son of Mrs Henry Zender, landowner; 1884
Goldner Ave; named for land owner, Charles Goldner; 1877
*Godfrey; named for landowner, Peter Godfrey; 1864, later changed to Fourteenth June 9, 1867
Garfield; named for President; 1882
Griffin; named for the first sail vessel on the Lakes; 1884
*Georgia; named from the state of Georgia; 1857, later changed to Willis Ave, June 3, 1885
Griffith Ave; named for land owner, T.H. Griffith; 1874
Greenfield Ave (which leds into Dearborn); named from its location in Grenfield township; 1873
Green Ave; named for Andrew C. Green, who bought the first lot on the corner of this street and Holden; 1873
Gilman; the maiden name of the mother of Lewis Cass; 1861
Guilloz; named for landowner, J.F. Guilloz; 1884
Gerald; last portion of name, Fitzgerald; landowner; 1886
Grayling Ave; named for a village in Northern Michigan; 1886
Glendale; named after a suburb of Cincinnati, Ohio; 1886
Genessee; named after Genessee in New York; 1885
Goodson; maiden name of the wife of F. D. Andrus; 1886

Helen Ave; named after the daughter of G. V. N. Lothrop; 1885.
Hunt; named for second Mayor of Detroit, Henry Jackson Hunt; 1883
Hamlin Ave; named for landowner, W.Y. Hamlin; 1885
Hurlbut; named for well-known citizen and Water Commissioner, Chauncey Hurlbut; 1886
Hewitt, named for Samuel Hewitt, friend of Homer Warren; 1886
*Hart; named for prominent manufacturer in Detroit, Gilbert Hart; 1887 , later changed to Field May 3, 1887
Hendricks; Named for Vice-President; 1885'
Hoffman, named for the second Postmaster of Detroit, George Hoffman; 1885
Hanover; named after a street in Boston , by land owner Nelson Green; 1885
Hooker, named after General Joseph Hooker, of the US Army; 1885
Highland; named because the land here, was the highest in the area of Detroit; 1886
Harmon Ave; named for land owner, George W. Harmon; 1887
Hudson Ave; named for Mrs. Sarah E. Hudson, land owner; 1881
Holbrook Road; named for land owner, D.C. Holbrook; 1867, later changed to Twenty-first July 9, 1867
Hesse; the maiden name of Mrs. E.R. Pohle, land owner; 1875
Holden Ave; road leading to the Theodore G. Holden Farm; 1828
Harper Ave; named for Walter Harper, founder of Harper Hospital; 1874
Herbert, named for Herbert Crain, the son of Horatio Crain; 1874
Horatio, named for land owner, Horatio Crain; 1874
Havens; named for Mr. R. Havens, friend of W.B. Wesson; 1857
Hendrie; named for land owner, George Hendrie; 1874
Hancock; named for John Hancock, President of Continental Congress; 1869
*Helen; given name of the wife if P. Tregent, land owner; 1872, later changed to Garfield Ave July 3, 1882
Hubbard Ave; named for land owner, Bela Hubbard; 1876
Hazel; named for a nut-bearing shrub abundant in Wayne County; 1857
Hastings; named for prominent citizen, E.P. Hastings; 1826
Humboldt Ave; named for German Scholar and scientist, Baron Humboldt; 1866
Hale; named for abolition candidate for Presidency, John P. Hale; 1854
Heidelberg; named for a city on the Neckar, Germany; 1869
Hammond Ave; named for land owner, George H. Hammond; 1873, later changed to Standish; March 19, 1887
Harvey; named for one of the original land owners, John Harvey; 1880
Huron; named from Native American Tribe; 1836
Harrison Ave; named for President of United States, William Henry Harrison; 1868
High; named for a rise in the street where it meets Woodward Ave; 1852, later changed to Sherman July 9, 1867
Henry; named for General Henry H. Sibley, son of Solomon Sibley, land owner; 1853
*Henry; (9th Ward) named for Henry Stanton, son of General Henry Stanton; 1852, later changed to Howard July 9, 1867
Howell; named due to its proxcimity to the Howell & Lansing Rail Road; 1871
Harriett; named for Harriett Houghton, the wife of Dr. Houghton; 1835
Howard, named for Colonel Joshua Howard; USA; 1835, later changed to Volunteer Ave March 19, 1887
*Hennepin; named for an early French traveler in this region, Father Louis Hennepin; 1855, later changed to Lafayette Ave, June 3, 1885
Hussar Ave; an Army name, due to is nearness to Fort Wayne; 1876
Hudson Ave; named for E.W. Hudson, land owner; 1882
Hibbard Ave; named for land owner, Hibbard Baker; 1883
Holcomb Ave; named for land owner, Henry W. Holcomb; 1883
Harbaugh; named for early resident, D.E. Harbaugh; 1884
Horton; named for land owner, Joseph D. Horton; 1883

*Indian Ave; This Street crossed over a ridge that was abounded in Indian graves; 1856, later changed to Hubbard Ave March 19, 1887
*Ives Ave; named for land owner, Albert Ives; 1857, later changed to Twenty-seventh March 19, 1887
*Iowa; named for the Native American Tribe; 1855, later changed to Spruce, March 19, 1887
Illinois; named for the Native American Tribe; 1857
Irving; named for noted author, Washington Irving; 1853
Ivy Place; named for the daughter of Thomas McGraw; 1887
Indiana; named for the Territory whose jurisdiction, Detroit was under; 1857
Ingersoll; named for early citizen, Walter Ingersoll; 1873

Julia; named for the wife of Walter Ingersoll; 1873
Jane; given name of a friend of W.B. Wesson; 1857
*Johnston Ave; named for land owner, John W. Johnston; 1857, later changed to Twenty-sixth March 19, 1887
Joy; named for early citizen, James F. Joy; 1866
John Edgar; name of an original owner of the Crane or Reeder Farm; 1880
John R; named for large land owner and prominent citizen, John R. Williams; 1835
*John C; named for land owner, John C. Williams; 1871, later changed to Morell March 19, 1887
Jay; named for once Chief Justice of the United States, John Jay; 1840
Jones; once a mayor of Detroit, De Garmo Jones; 1852
Jefferson Ave; Named for 3rd President of the United States, Thomas Jefferson; 1807
Joseph Campau Ave; named for early settler and citizen, Joseph Campau ; 1869
Joe; named after the youngest son of Joseph Bushey, land owner; 1875
Jerome Ave; named for land owner, Franklin H. Jerome; 1882
*Jerome (Springwells); named for early citizen, George Jerome; 1881, later changed to Rogers March 19, 1887
*Juliette; named for the daughter of Thomas Palmer; 1851, later changed to Wilkins March 21, 1870
*James; named for nephew of Thomas Palmer, James Watson; 1851, later changed to Alfred, March 21, 1870
*Jupiter; and exclamation of surprise and disapproval due to the naming of this street. The East side and chosen "Chene" without the West sides agreement; 1862, later changed to Chene, July 9, 1867
Jackson; named for the seventh President of the United States, Andrew Jackson; 1886

Kercheval; maiden name of Mrs. Moses W. Field; 1887
*Kanady; named for land owner, S.C. Kanady; 1874, later changed to Porter March 19, 1887
*Kentucky, named in honor the of State, greatly aided Michigan in the War of 1812; 1857, later changed to Brady July 15, 1887
Kinsman; named for land owner, Thomas Kinsman Adams; 1875
Kearsely Ave; named for Major Jonathan Kearsley, Mayor of Detroit and officer in War of 1812; 1873
Kirby; named for early resident, George Kirby; 1876
Kanter, named for banker, Edward Kanter; 1884
Koch Ave; named for land owner, Christian Koch; 1884

Leland; named for Dr. A. L. Leland, friend of Crane & Wesson; 1857
Lansing, named for the state Capital; 1874
Ludden; named for early resident, N.T. Ludden; 1870
*Liberty; named for Liberty Street in New York; 1855, later changed to Fulton
*Limburg; named for daughter of Lewis Cass, Isabella Roest Von Limburg; 1863, later changed to Charlotte Ave September 27, 1869
*Lafferty; named for land owner, Clement Lafferty; 1855, later changed to Thirteenth July 9, 1867
Lafontaine Ave, named for Francois Lafontaine, of Lafontaine Farm; 1855, later changed to Fifteenth July 9, 1867
*Lovers' Lane; a favorite meeting-place, for old and young; 1857, later changed to Junction Ave, March 19, 1887
Leverett, named for land owner, William Leverett Woodbridge; 1858, portion west of 22nd changed to Lambie Place March 19, 1887
Lewis; named for governor and senator, Lewis Cass; 1854
Lexington Ave; named in honor of the battle of Lexington; 1876
Lafayette Ave; named for Marquis de Lafayette; Revoluntionary War soldier; 1831, east portion changed to Champlain March 19, 1887, portion west of Lover's Lane changed to Celeron March 19, 1887, portion between 23rd & 24th changed to Savoy March 19, 1887.
Larned; General in War of 1812, and settler of Detroit, Charles Larned; 1826
Leib, named for landowner and judge, Judge John L. Leib; 1863
Lorman Ave; named for land owner, C.A. Lorman; 1875
Lincoln Ave; (Hamtramck) named for President Abraham Lincoln; 1875, later changed to Chipman Hart Ave March 19, 1887
Lysander, named for brother of W.B. Wesson; 1852
Lovett Ave, named for W.E. Lovett, formerly of Scotten & Lovett; 1875
Louisa; given name of a friend of W.B. Wesson; 1865
Lauderdale; named for Dr. E. Lauderdale, firned of Walter Crane; 1881
Livernois Ave, early citizen, Francis Livernois; 1872
Lola; named for the daughter of Lyman Baldwin, early citizen; 1873
Linden Court; named from its connection to Linden Street; 1857
Linden; named for a Michigan forest tree; 1856, portion west of Scotten, changed to Jackson March 19, 1887
Laurel; named for a Michigan shrub; 1857, later changed to Fulton June 14, 1869
Locust; named for a favorite shade tree in Detroit; 1836
Leavitt, named for land owner, A.E. Leavitt; 1873
Ledyard; named for son-in-law of Lewis Cass, Colonel Henry Ledyard; 1860
Leonard AveRev R.H. Leonard, father of Mrs. David Carter ; 1875
Lambie Place; named for early resident, Frank Lambie; 1869
Lady's Lane; named for the quote, "'T was ever thus the signing swain Would seek his love in Lady's Lane" ; 1880
Labrosse; named for Dominique Labrosse, of Labrosse Farm; 1835, later changed to Porter June 3, 1885
Lillian; given name of the lady in the family who owned the land this street is located on ; 1885
Lumpkin; named for Judege Lumpkin, of Georgia, the grandfather of W.Y. Hamlin; 1886
Linzee Ave, named for land owner, A.J. Linzee; 1884
Legrand; named for H. Legrand Baker; surveyor of this property; 1885
Lyman; maiden name of the wife of Mr. Stocking, land owner; 1884
Linden Park Ave; named due to its vicinity near Linden Park; 1884, later changed to Field Ave, March 19, 1887
LaSalle Ave; named from French explorer, Robert Cavelier LaSalle, who built the first vessel to sail on the Great Lakes; 1855, later changed to Sixteenth July 9, 1867
*Lyell Ave; named for banker and land owner, James L. Lyell; 1857, later changed to Twenty-thrid April 25, 1868
Langley Street; named for member of the Board of Public Works, W.H. Langley; 1882
Lewerenz; named for land owner, F.C. Lewerenz; 1883
Louis Ave; named for the son of J.L. Miner, land owner; 1883
Lothrop Ave, named after land owner, G.V.N. Lothrop; 1883

Madison Ave; named for fourth President, James Madison; 1807
Monroe Ave; named for fifth President, James Monroe; 1807
McGinnis Ave; later changed to Baltimore Ave March 19, 1887
Meldrum; named for George Meldrum, of Meldrum Farm; 1857
Military Ave; due to its nearness to Fort Wayne; 1869
Miami Ave; named after Native American Tribe; 1807
Mechanic; laid out in the idea that this street would supply inexpensive lots to laborers; 1852
Minnie; the given name of the wife of C.F. Campau; 1875
Macomb; named in honor of the Macomb Family early English settlers; 1835, later cahnged to Bagley June 3, 1885
Mullett; named for surveyor and land owner, John Mullett; 1835
Martin Place; named in honor of Nancy Martin, a founder of Harper Hospital; 1884
Mayes; named after land owner, Emanuel Mayes; 1886
Maxwell; maiden name of Mrs. T. A. Parker; 1886
Morell, named in honor of first Circuit Judge of Wayne County, George Morell; 1887
Mersino, named after land owner, Paul Mersino; 1885
Marquette, maned for Father Jacques Marquette, early Jesuit missionary and explorer; 1855, later changed to Porter June 3, 1885
Marantette, maiden name of Mrs. Peter Godfroy; 1868
Middle; named due to lying in the middle of two avenues; 1835
*Messmore Road; named for early settler; 1832, later changed to Eighteenth March 19, 1887
Morton; named for Maria Morton, wife of J.D. Morton; 1880
*Mother; lying next to street named "Father"; 1872, later changed to Cleveland June 3, 1885
Miner Ave; named for land owner, J.L. Miner; 1875
*Marion; named for friend of Albert Crane, Marion Forsyth; 1850, later changed to Winder May 3, 1887
Mack Ave, named for early settler and land owner, John M. Mack; 1855
Montcalm, named after the French General, Marquis de Montcalm, killed in the battle of Quebec in 1759 ; 1835
Michigan Ave; (previously Michigan Grand Ave); named for the state of Michigan; 1807, portion later changed to Cadillac Square June 3, 1835
*Morse; named after early resident and land owner, S.B. Morse; 1836,later changed to Wilkins March 19, 1887.
Moore Ave, named after land owner, Joseph B. Moore; 1881, later changed to Grove, June 3, 1885
*Michipicoten, named after Michipicoten Bay on Lake Superior ; 1869, later changed to Arndt September 8, 1881
Marcy; named for Mary Marcy , friend of W.B. Wesson; 1852
*Mt Hope Ave; this street was laid out the year of the "1857 Panic" in the hope of better times; 1857,later changed to Twenty-fifth, March 19, 1887
Mt Elliott Ave; named for the cemetry which it passes; 1861
Mitchell Ave; named for the granddaughter of B. Campau, Mrs. E.A. Mitchell; 1875
Maybury Ave; named for land owner, Thomas Maybury ; 1866
Martin; named for early resident, Stephen Martin; 1878, later changed to Brandon Ave March 19, 1887
*Margaret, the given name of Mrs. Charles L. Hurd; 1857, later changed to Illinois June 3, 1885
*Maiden Lane; named for leading wholesale street in New York City; 1836, later changed to Leland June 3, 1885
McGraw Ave; named for land owner, Thomas McGraw; 1880
McClellan Ave; named for General George B. McClellan, USA; 1876
*McCune Ave; named for land owner, James N. M. McCune; 1878, later changed to Milwaukee Ave July 3, 1882
McDougall Ave; named for early settler and sheriff, George McDougall; 1868
McMillan, name for James McMillan, of the Michigan Car Works; 1880
McKinstry, named for Major O.P. McKinstry, of the US Army; 1875
*McLean; named for Arch McLean, a friend of Albert Crane; 1862, later changed to Willis Ave March 19, 1887
Magnolia; named for a southern tree; 18623
Maple; named for a shade tree in Detroit; 1840
Mulberry; a tree one plentiful in this region; 1857, portion west of 13th changed to Grant March 19, 1887
Myrtle; an evergreen flowering shrub; 1857
Moran; named for land owner, Charles Moran; 1855
*Maria; the given name of the sister of W.B. Wesson; 1852, later changed to Selden Ave April 24, 1882
Miller; named for land owner, J.F. Miller; 1854
Markey, named for land owner, Christian Markey; 1873
Mark, named for friend of W.B. Wesson, Mark Howard, of Harford CT; 1857
Medbury, named for land owner, S. Medbury ; 1878
Merrick, named for Rev J. M. Merrick, the native town of W.B. Wesson; 1857
*Mary Mott; the niece of Mrs. J. R. Williams, Mary Mott ; 1877. later changed to Rich March 19, 1887
Mott Ave; named for land owner, Joseph Mott; 1876
*Montgomery Ave; named for General Richard Montgomery;, Killed in the attack on Quebec, 1775 ; 1855, later changed to Mt Elliott Ave July 9, 1867
Milwaukee Ave; road leads to Milwaukee Junction; 1882
Marston Court; named for former Judge of Supreme Court, Isaac Marston; 1884

Newark; seat of first Canadian Parliament, having rule over Detroit; 1885
Norwalk; named for birthplace of the wife of James Nall, Norwalk, CT; 1886
*Ninth Ave 1876, later changed to Trumbull Ave April 24, 1882
Nall Ave; named for land owner, Charles Nall; 1874
Noble; named for land owner, Charles W. Noble; 1870
*Noyes; named for early resident William R. Noyes; 1852, later changed to Charlotte Ave September 22, 1883
Newberry, named for John S. Newberry, of the Michigan Car Works; 1880
National Ave; named for the word, national; 1868
Napoleon; named for General Napoleon; 1857, later changed to Baldwin Place January 31, 1876
Norton; named for friend of W.B. Wesson, of Yonkers, Norton P. Otis; 1873
*North; located just north of Gratiot Road; 1840, later changed to Division March 21, 1870

*Ontario; named for Lake Ontario; 1857, later changed to Alexandrine Ave June 3, 1885
Orleans; recalls the Maid of Orleans; 1854
Ottawa; named for Native American Tribe; 1855
*Ohio; our neighboring state; 1855, later changed to Rowena March 19, 1887
Otis; named for friend of W.B. Wesson; Norton P. Otis; 1873
Orchard; named for the many aplle-blossoms in the area; 1836
*Orange; named for orange-blossoms, "fragrant and fair" ; 1855
*Oak; named as a reminder of the "oak openings" from which the State was noted; 1836, later changed to High November 21, 1874
Oakley, named for Henry A. Oakley, friend of W.B. Wesson; 1857
Otto Ave; named for Otto Weber, the son of land owner, Henry Weber ; 1873
*Oceola; Seminole Indian chief; 1853, later changed to Brigham June 14, 1869
Oakland Ave; road leading toward the county of Oakland; 1884

Prentiss Ave; named for land owner, George Prentiss; 1878
Poplar, named for forest tree; 1885,later changed to Grant, Juy 9, 1867
Piquette Ave; named for daughter of B. Campau, Angelique Piquette; 1876
Plymouth Ave; road leading to the Village of Plymouth; 1875
Pelouze; named for Assistant-Adjutant General of US Army, Major L.H. Pelouze; 1880
*Prescott; named for historian, W.H. Prescott; 1865, later changed to Hudson Ave March 19, 1887
Palmer; named for early resident, Thomas Palmer; 1835, later changed to West Park Place March 23, 21, 1870
Palmer Ave; named for senator, Thomas W. Palmer; 1874
*Pierpont; named for a street in Albany NY, by F.J.B Crane; 1853, later changed to Prentiss Ave March 19, 1887
Putnam Ave; named for hero of Revolutionary War, Israel Putnam; 1869
*Pontchartrain; named for first French name of Detroit; 1868, later changed to Livernois Ave March 19, 1887
Plum; named for the wild plums native to this region; 1836
Pine; a forest tree abundant source of wealth in Michigan; 1836, later changed to Guoin July 9, 1867
Pitcher; named for early resident and former Mayor, Dr. Zina Pitcher; 1866
Parsons; named for land owner, Philo Parsons; 1867
Peterboro; named after a New Hampshire town, by James Scott; 1859
Preston; named for banker and land owner, David Preston; 1870
Perkins, named for relative of Mrs W.B. Wesson, Mary Baldwin Perkins, of Warren, Ohio; 1880
Plumer; named for land owner, S.A. Plumer; 1873
*Prospect, named my S.B. Morse; feeling it was too far away from the city itself; 1847, later changed to Rivard March 19, 1887
Pallister Road; named for land owner, Thomas Pallister; 1860
Park Place; bounds West Park; 1867
*Park; (Ninth Ward) near Macomb Park; 1861, later changed to Rose , July 9, 1867
Park; starts at Grand Circus Park; 1835
*Park Ave; from several small parks laid out in the center of this street; 1880, later changed to Twenty-seventh March 19, 1887
Parker Ave; named for land owner, Thomas A. Parker; 1876
*Pearl; named from Pearl Street in New York; 1853, later changed to Brewster March 19, 1887
Pleasant; named because of the view it presented itself as a "pleasant street"; 1880
*Paton; named for land owner, William Paton; 1875, later changed to Raynor, June 3, 1885
Philip; named for the son of C.F. Campau, land owner, Philip Campau; 1875
Porter, named for senator from 1840-1845, Augustus S. Porter; 1835, later changed to Howard March 19, 1887
*Porter Road; named for George B. Porter, a territorial governor; 1832, later changed to Twentry-third July 9, 1867
*Peter; named for land owner, Peter Godfroy; 1864, later changed to Thirteenth and a half, April 25, 1868
*Private; originally for private convenience; 1869, later changed to Chase January 8, 1870
Pierce; named for Elected President, Franklin Pierce; 1854
Peter Cooper; named for New York philanthropist; 1883
Phelps Ave; named for early settler; 1885
Pennsylvania; in honor of the state; 1885
Peterson Ave; named for land owner, Henry M. Peterson; 1887
Perry, named for Commodore O.H. Perry; whose victory on Lake Erie gave this region to the United States; 1885
Pulford; named for land owner, L.L. Pulford; 1985
Prairie Mound Ave; later changed to Mt Elliott Ave March 19, 1887

Railroad; running along side of the Rail Road; 1883
Raynor; named for President of the Council, A.H. Raynor; 1885
Rogers, named for Major Robert Rogers, first English Commandant of Detroit; 1887
Rosedale Court; named for the farm previously on this section, Rosedale Farm; 1887
Rowena; named for the wife of Alfred E. Brush, Rowena Hunt; 1878
Randall; named for the friend of C.E. Bressler;Mr Randall, of New York; 1857
Rowland; named for Major Thomas Rowland, of the War of 1812; 1835
Randolph; named for John Randolph, of Roanoke, VA; 1828
Rivard; named for Antoine Rivard; 1833
Russell; named for William Russell, the brother-in-law of Benjamin Woodworth; 1835
*Railroad; terminated at the D&M Rail Road; 1852, later changed to Watson June 14, 1869
Railway Ave; running along side of the Grand Trunk Rail Road; 1880
Rich Street; named for land owner, Charles A. Rich; 1882
Reed Place; named for land owner, George W. Reed; 1882
Ross Ave; named for Walter Ross, Justice of the Peace; 1883
Rayne, named for authoress, Mrs. M.L. Rayne; 1883
Rademacher; named for land owner, Joseph Radenmacher; 1875
River Road; running along the River; 1812, portion west of Second Ave changed to River; March 19, 1887
Reeder, named for land owner, Edwin Reeder; 1880
Roehm; named for the Roehm family who laid this road; 1872
Riopelle; named for Dominic Riopelle; 1850
Romeyn, named for early resident, Theodore Romeyn; 1880
Ranspach, named for land owner, John Ranspach; 1876
Rollin; named for friend of W.B. Wesson, Charles Rollin Otis, of New York, 1873
Rose; named for youngest daughter of Governor George B. Porter; 1868, portion in 14th Ward changed to Brandon Ave March 19, 1887
Regular Ave; named for the "regulars" quartered at Fort Wayne; 1875

Spruce (Springwells); no special significance; 1884
Shelby, named for Governor Isaac Shelby, of Kentucky, who rendered our State memorable service in War of 1812; 1827
Second; 1835
Sibley; named for Judge Solomon Sibley, first delegate of Wayne County to Northwest Assembly; 1852
Sproat, named for Ebenezer Sproat, the father-in-law of Judge Sibley; 1854
*Stecher, named for land owner, Martin Stecher; 1877, later changed to Twenty-nith March 19, 1887
Swain Ave; named for early citizen and land owner, Isaac N. Swain; 1880
Scotten Ave, named for land owner, Daniel Scotten; 1867
Scott, named for General Winfield Scott, US Army; 1836
South; named for its direction; 1857
Southern Ave; its location at the southern end of a tract of land; 1873
Stimson Place; named for land owner, Benjamin G. Stimson ;1868
Shady Lane; opened through a wooded area; 1880
Sullivan Ave; named for Roger Sullivan, who bought the first lot on the street; 1866
Sycamore; a forest tree in Michigan; 1857
Selden Ave; named for Mrs. Deborah Selden Spencer, the wife of Dr. Joseph Spencer and the mother of Mrs. Lewis Cass; 1866
*Summer; a season name; 1857, later changed to Willis Ave, June 3, 1885
*Spring; a season name; 1857, later changed to Superior June 3, 1885
St Aubin Ave; named for Francis St. Aubin; 1847
*St Lawrence; named for the St Lawrence River; 1851, later changed to Montcalm July 9, 1867
St Antoine, named for Saint Antoine, being Antoine Beaubien's patron saint; 1782
St Joseph; named by Oliver Bellair, for one of his sons; 1782
St Clair Place; named for Arthur St Clair, first Governor of Northwest Territory; 1870, later changed to Twentieth July 9, 1867
*Scoville Ave; named for land owner, D.J. Scoville; 1874, later changed to McGraw Ave March 19, 1887
Shoemaker Road; named for land owner, W. Shemaker; 1850
Superior ; named for Lake Superior; 1836
*Stowe, named for authoress, Harriet Beecher Stowe; 1857, later changed to Merrick Ave March 19, 1887
Stanley; named for artist, J. M. Stanley; 1857, later changed to Langley Ave, between Third and Fourth, March 19, 1887
Springwells Ave; from the township in which it is located; 1875
*Seward; named for noted statesman, William H. Seward; 1860, later changed to Leland ; March 21, 1870
Stephen; named for the son of General H. Stanton; 1852, later changed to Baker, July 9, 1867
Stanton, named for General Henry Stanton, US Army; 1852, later changed to Seventheenth-and-a-half July 9, 1867
Stark Ave; named for land owner, F.X. Stark; 1881
Sears Ave, named for land owner, Mrs. O.A. Sears; 1883
Sargent, named after the first Secretary of the Northwest Territory; 1884
Sylvester; named for Sylvester Rich, the son-in-law of Mrs. Henry Zender; 1884
State; named the year the State was organized; 1835, later changed to Gratiot July 9, 1867
Sheridan Ave; named for General Phillip Sheridan, US Army; 1875
Sherman; named for General W.T. Sherman; US Army; 1867
Stenton; named for early resident, Goff Stenton; 1880
Spencer; maiden name of Elizabeth Spencer the wife of Lewis Cass; 1863
Spencer; no reason, a careless error in repeating a name; 1881, Portion East of Grand River, changed to Hudson June 3, 1885
*Silver; companion street to Gold Street; 1852, later chagned to Division March 19, 1887
Spruce; plentiful trees in Michigan; 1836
Standish; named for former Comptroller of Detroit, James D. Standish; 1887
Schulte Ave; named for land owner, Joseph Schulte; 1885
Smith Ave; named for land owner, James Smith; 1885
Sidney Ave; named for land owner, G. Sidney Lowe; 1884
St Paul Ave; in honor of the Bible character; 1884
Schroeder, named for land owner, Carl W. Schroeder; 1885
Savoy; named because many of Detroit's early settlers came from Savoy; 1887
Strong, named for land owner, John Strong; 1885

*Thompson, named for land owner, David Thompson; 1852, later changed to Twelfth July 9, 1867
*Trowbridge; named for early citizen, and former mayor, C.C. Trowbridge; 1861, later changed to Seventeenth July 9, 1867
Third; 1835
Traffic; so named from prospective traffic and travel; 1881
Tuscola; named for land owned by F.J. B. Crane; near Tuscola, Michigan; 1855
Torrey Ave; named for former Probate Judge of Wayne County, Joseph W. Torrey; 1868
Tillman Ave; named for J.W. Tillman, early resident; 1868
Toledo Ave; commemorates the Toledo War; 1873, portion between Scotten and Clark changed to Brandon Ave; March 19, 1887
Trumbull Ave; named for Judge John Trumbull, the father of Mrs. Woodbridge; 1858
*T.J. Campau; named for land owner, Theodore J. Campau; 1869, later changed to Charlevoix June 3, 1885
Theodore, named for land owner, Theodore Williams; 1876
*Theodore Ave (Springwells); named for land owner, Theodore G. Williams; 1872, later changed to Biddle March 19, 1887
Townsend; named for Adjutant-General of US Army, E.D. Townsend; 1875
*Thierry Ave, named for land owner, James Thierry; 1874, later changed to Baker March 19, 1887
Thorburn, named for land owner, Lily Thorburn; 1885
Trombley, named for land owner, Charles J. Trombley; 1849, later portion changed to Harriet March 21, 1870
*Thomas; named for land owner, Thomas Kinsman Adams; 1875, later changed to Rich, March 19, 1887
Thirteenth-and-a-half changed to Wabash, July 3, 1882

Union; a patriotic name; 1852
Utica Plank Road changed to Mt Elliott Ave March 19, 1887

Vigo; named for Francis Vigo; who gave information leading to the capute of Governor Hamilton; 1887
VanDyke; named for prominent citizen and Mayor, James A. Van Dyke; 1885
Volunteer Ave; a military name in honor of volunteers 1860-1861; 1874
Vernor; named for prominent citizen, Benjamin Vernor; 1880
Vienna; the capital of Austria; 1870
Visger; named for land owner, James A. Visger; 1873
Vulcan Ave; named for the Greek God of Fire; 1872
Vine; grape vines, indigenous to Michigan; 1852
Vinewood Ave; street laid out over large number of trees and grape-vines; 1856

*Wine; popularly associated with Vine Street; 1857, later changed to Eighteenth and a half July 9, 1867
*Walnut; walnut tree, plentiful in Michigan; 1850, later changed to Bagg, APril 29, 1882
Wesson Ave; named for land owner, William B. Wesson; 1873
*Whipple: named for land owner, William L. Whipple; 1857, later changed to Illinois June 3, 1885
Winter; from the quote, " winter of out discontent." ; 1857
Witherell; in honor of Territorial Judge, James Witherell; 1868, later changed to Alexandrine Ave June 3, 1885
Warren Ave; named in honor of General Joseph Warren, Revoluntionary War Veteran; 1838
*Waterloo; an English Reminder; 1840, later changed to Antietam July 9, 1867
*Westerloo; named after a street in Albany New York, by F.J.B. Crane; 1855, later changed to Canfield Ave March 19, 1887
Willis Ave; named for land owner, Mrs. A. M. Willis; 1863
Walter; named for land owner and early resident, Walter Crane; 1871
West End Ave;(Springwells) from it location on the West end of Springwells; 1875
Waterman Ave; named for Daniel C. Waterman, father-in-law of Albert Crane; 1861
*Whiting, named for early citizen, Dr. J.L. Whiting; 1850, later changed to Eighteenth July 9, 1867
*Whitney; named for Mr. Whitney, Boston friend of Albert Crane; 1855, later changed to Alfred February 14, 1870
Whitwood; named for former comptroller, D.C. Whitwood; 1880
Wabash; locted at the depot of the Wabash RailRoad; 1882
Wheelock Ave; maiden name fo the mother of M.W. Field, Rebecca Wheelock; 1883
Willcox; named for the Colonel of the First Michigan Regiment General O.B. Willcox; 1887
Wayne; named for Major-General Anthony Wayne; 1828
Wight; named for land owner, Buckminster Wight; 1857
Walker; named for land owner, Henry N. Walker; 1863
Woodbridge, named for Secretary and Geovernor of Territory of Michigan and delegate to Congress, William Woodbrige; 1826
*Wesley; named for John Wesley; 1858, later changed to Tenth March 19, 1887
West Park Place; bounding the West Park; 1870
Washington; named for George Washington Johnston, the son of J.W. Johnston; 1869, later changed to Johnston June 3, 1885
*Wing; named for Delegate to Congress from Territory of Michigan, Austin E. Wing; 1855, later changed to Ninetheenth July 9, 1867
Wing Place; named for land owner, Nelson H. Wing; 1870, later changed to Labrosse April 26, 1877
Woodward Ave; named for Judge of the Territory of Michigan and author of the Plan of 1806, Judge Augustus B. Woodward; 1807
Winder; named for land owner, Colonel John WInder; 1852
Webster; named for statesan, Daniel Webster: 1852, later changed to Alfred June 3, 1885
Welch Ave; named for land owner, C.M. Welch: 1873
Wilkins; Judge of the US District Court in Detroit, Ross Wilkins; 1854
Watson; named for Secretary of the Land Board of Governor and Judges of Detroit, Joseph Watson; 1854
Williams; named for Adjutant-General of Territory of Michigan, General John R. Williams; 1835
Williams Ave; named for Representative in Congress, General A.S. Williams; 1868
Williams Ave (in Greenfield); named for land owner, John C. Williams; 1883
Wellington Ave; named for the hero of Waterloo; 1884
Wyandotte; a Native American Tribe; 1886
Wyoming; named for Wyoming Valley, in Pennsylvania; 1885
Wolff Ave; named for land owner, Christian Wolff ; 1884
Whitaker Ave; named for land owner, G.H. Whitaker; 1884
William E: named for land owner, W.E. Barker; 1883

Yemans; named for land owner, Dr. C.C. Yemans; 1886
Young; named in error, was supposed to be reminder of Yonge Street, Toronto; 1883

Zender; named for land owner, Henry Zender; 1874

The transcription of these names, and their changed names dates only from about 1815 to about 1890, streets added since that date are not included in this page. Also noted the street names of St Louis, St Ann, St James, and St Honore, that were originally named within the city limits, prior to 1805, they no longer exist. There is also a repetition of many of these street names with in the suburbs of Detroit, however, I do not know if those streets are named for the same reasons.